The Oasis Centre’s Multi-Tiered Experience is the Height of EleganceBlush's Venue of the Year 2014

Posted by Blush Magazine Posted on September 9, 2014

Looking to take centre stage on your wedding day? You can, and you can invite up to 450 guests to watch the magic happen. Outfitted with fine, subtle finishings, The Oasis Centre has become the destination for couples in the know. The superior structure, with both exterior and interior benefits, is Blush’s Venue of the Year for those of you looking to celebrate with grace.

Beginning with the Grand Hall, the indoor view boasts 24ft. ceilings adorned with German-made stunning rose quartz chandeliers imported especially for the venue. “We have discovered a way to project light on them from the balcony that has them taking on whatever color we choose- whether it be teal, pink or lavender, and we now offer that as a décor option to clients. It’s amazing how it helps pull the color scheme of the room together,” explains Anne McLennan, Wedding Director for the Oasis Centre. The Amphitheatre-shaped Hall allows for theatre-style seating for those of you who’d like to perform your vows onsite, that later transforms seamlessly into a banquet-space. “That is one of the things we have become known for– one stop shopping with your ceremony and reception at the same location. We intentionally only host one wedding per day, which allows for more privacy, relaxed atmosphere and ability to customize things, such as timeline and event flow for the day.”

An additional plus to the exclusive venue is their existing audio-visual network that includes “ceiling mounted video projectors with two 12’ x 9’ remote control retractable screens, and a full range of equipment and services. We include the audio-visual engineer in our wedding package, the rehearsal, ceremony, and reception, along with microphones, in-house speakers, background music and specialty lighting. These elements all work together in contributing to the magical ambiance that is a hallmark for our events. Our latest sought after service is the ability to provide HD cameras for recording and live webcasting to anywhere in the world, for family and friends that can’t attend in person.” For those that are attending in person, accommodating guests depends on the layout that the couple most prefers, says McLennan. “Our average wedding size is about 200, and we are able to make the room work for as few as 90, and for as many as 350 plus depending on the room design and type of catering. We did have a wedding here in the winter for over 450 with smaller lounge tables and gourmet passed appetizers; that was really an innovative refreshing set-up.”

One of the details that further sets this venue apart? The Oasis Centre is partnered with Aerial Fireworks to really make your big day outstanding. “We discovered quite by chance that our unique garden setting was zoned for fireworks when a gentleman came to us wanting to do something unique and spectacular while proposing to his bride-to-be.” Talk about tying the knot with a bang!

The Oasis Centre Edmonton
The Oasis Centre Edmonton The Oasis Centre Edmonton
The Oasis Centre Edmonton The Oasis Centre Edmonton
The Oasis Centre Edmonton The Oasis Centre Edmonton
The Oasis Centre Edmonton: Blush's Venue of the Year 2014

The Oasis Centre’s Multi-Tiered ExperienceVendor Spotlight: The Oasis Centre

Posted by Blush Magazine Posted on July 11, 2014

In our Fall Winter 2014 issue look for the full details on The Oasis Centre, Blush’s Venue of the Year. Enjoy this web-exclusive advice session with Anne McLennan, Wedding Director for The Oasis Centre, and see how you can best make your event dreams a bridal reality.

Maximize the Garden

“Whenever we can, we love to treat our guests to our spectacular garden. We have created wedding event plans that allow for taking advantage of this wonderful option. Because the weather here in Alberta can be unpredictable, we always have a back-up plan such as the marble foyer in case the weather isn’t favourable. Our favorite is to open the two back double-doors immediately following the ceremony and invite and delight guests to a champagne celebration in the garden. Everyone can then enjoy a glass of champagne while the newly married couple takes photos with family and friends. After 30 minutes or so, people can make their way back into the marble foyer when the full bar opens for the reception.

The Oasis Centre Garden

Another option is to invite your guests out into the garden for a surprise after dinner to watch fireworks, or for fun, to enjoy some innovative cuisine from one of Edmonton’s trendy food trucks like The Lemon Grass Grill for a delicious and unexpected late lunch snack…”

The Oasis Centre Fireworks

Capture the Cuisine Element

“The caterers we partner with have been selected because they have proven themselves to be reliable and professional while providing delicious and quality cuisine to our valued clients. We have selected a wholesome variety of catering options that can suit our client’s preferences whether it is for a classic and elegant buffet or something creative or innovative such as family style or passed appetizers. Nowadays, we also get lots of requests for gluten-free or specific cultural types of cuisine that we love to be able to accommodate and offer our clients whenever possible. Presentation is always important with not only the food, but the catering staff and customer service as well. It all reflects on our business and shapes the experience for our clients.”

The Oasis Centre Stir Catering

Lighting is Everything

“We’ve had some amazing lighting arrangements working with our high ceilings, especially over the past year. One that stands out was where floor to ceiling draping was added around the whole room and up lit in a soft incandescent amber. Another event layered striking royal blues and a moving night sky on the ceiling that gave an otherworldly romantic outdoor garden feel. Some of the concerts we’ve had here have brought in some amazing lighting designers that we have of course learned from to add to our repertoire. We discovered a way to project a film of a running 20ft tall waterfall on the wall behind the stage, with soft pink up-lit drapes framing it on either side. It was breathtaking, and provided a stunning and unique backdrop for the bride and groom to sit in front of during speeches.”

Make a Dramatic Entrance

“The Grand Hall and the main foyer lend themselves to dramatic entrances, the best way to take advantage would be to have fun with it and be willing to try something untraditional. Some of the more dramatic, or creative grand entrances came from inspiration from our clients, for instance, coming into the Grand Hall through the double mahogany doors on a Harley Davidson motorcycle. That was a real show stopper. We enjoy helping clients come up with new ways to enter through those doors, such as a wedding ceremony recently where perfectly choreographed bridesmaids burst through the doors all in a row with impeccable timing to Diana Ross singing “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough”. It took the crowd by pleasant surprise and added a hip and refreshing contrast to the more traditional elements of the wedding.”


The Curiously Arctic RenaissanceRenaissance Edmonton Airport Hotel Soft Opening

Posted by Blush Magazine Posted on June 25, 2014

For years there has always been a gap in the Edmonton International Airport for a quality accommodation . The Renaissance Edmonton Airport Hotel has answered the call with a luxury hotel that raises the bar for airport accommodation. The property opened it’s doors to travellers and locals in the Spring of 2014 and Blush Magazine was honored to attend the soft opening.

Here are some cool facts:

– The modern hotel was designed by Mike Goldsmith with GCD. The curiously arctic theme resonates throughout the entire property.

– The lobby area directly connects to the EIA departures through a heated skybridge making traveling convenient on those -30 winter days.

– The grand ballroom can host up to 500 guests depending on the set-up/design.

– Onsite HALO Bar | Bistro, a full service Starbucks and a cozy library equipped with all your electronic plug-ins to recharge before you travel.

– 213 guestrooms and 12 stylish suites

– The bar manager Tony Britton separates himself from other mixologists by focusing on fresh ingredients and premium products served with style and entertainment.

– Executive Chef Andrew Ihasz spent seven years between Fairmont Hotel & Resorts in Bermuda and San Francisco, Edmonton is extremely lucky to have him!

Your main contact for weddings & events is the lovely Sara Scott, she can be contacted by email at

This won’t be the last time you’ll be hearing about this property, until then go enjoy a drink at the ultra modern HALO and enjoy the photos courtesy of FO Photography.


The Francis Winspear Centre for Music; A Perfect Venue For Your Love SongBlush's Venue of the Year 2013

Posted by Blush Magazine Posted on July 31, 2013

This year, Blush Magazine has selected the Winspear as its Venue of the Year because not only is it the perfect venue for the arts enthusiast, but it is also one of city’s most unique spaces, located in the heart of downtown Edmonton. For the past sixteen years, Edmonton has been home to The Francis Winspear Centre for Music, a world class concert hall and home to the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra. The centre, best known as simply the Winspear, represents a lasting legacy to the life and work of Dr. Francis G. Winspear. It hosts a variety of events, including concerts and private events, such as wedding ceremonies and receptions.

The Winspear has spaces to accommodate ceremonies of as few as 50 to as many as 250 guests and can host traditional dinner and dance receptions for as many as 300, with cocktail receptions being a popular choice for clients of the venue. While the two of the spaces are private, the Main Lobby, Dress Circle Lobby, and Upper Circle Lobby are open to the rest of the space. They allow beautiful natural light to shine through the floor to ceiling windows that open to the venue’s main entrance and main floor lobby area. Also available are the Landmark Group Founders’ Room and Studio spaces, which offer completely private, enclosed rooms and have private entrances.

When reserving the venue for a ceremony, clients are provided with use of the room(s) reserved and additional available spaces for photos. Guests are invited to reserve their ceremony up to a year in advance, as available dates fill quickly. Should you wish to host a reception at the Winspear, dedicated staff are available to ensure that your event is flawless. All sound technicians and bar services are provided directly by the venue. Catering can be provided exclusively by one of the Winspear’s preferred caterers. Proud to be an environmentally friendly venue, the Winspear maintains a policy discouraging the use of disposable catering items. Helpful staff can offer a list of various musicians who can assist you in adding to the romantic atmosphere of your event.  Ceremony and reception venues can be booked separately, or as one; however, should you already have your venues chosen, the Winspear is still happy to be your location of choice for your wedding photos. This can be reserved up to five months in advance, permitted there are no other events taking place.

While the Winspear is recognized for its great acoustics by concert-goers and music aficionados, it can also become the perfect setting for a wedding, for any couple seeking one of Edmonton’s most admired venues. With five beautifully unique spaces, the Winspear is bound to have a suitable option for the discerning bride and groom.


Matrix Hotel Brings Service, Selection & Sheer Sophistication to EdmontonBlush's Wedding Venue of the Year 2012

Posted by Blush Magazine Posted on July 31, 2012

The Matrix Hotel, situated in downtown Edmonton, is Blush’s pick for venue of the year for more than a few reasons. Ranked as one of the “Top 25 Trendiest” hotels in the country, the creative architecture lends itself to a slew of different types of events. “We love weddings here! A lot of the weddings we book are on referrals. Generally the events are booked one year in advance and during that time we develop quite a warm relationship,” explains Nancy Holan. The Matrix chefs, led by Executive Chef Emmanuel David, “have trained around the world. We can accommodate vegan, vegetarian, special diets. We had a bride and groom who ordered vegetarian but opted for a different main course for their guests,” added Nancy.

What about the venue itself? A slew of options are available, whether the couple is searching for an engagement destination to wedding reception and rehearsal dinner, the possibilities are endless. “We do approximately 30 weddings yearly and our maximum capacity is 220 in the south-facing Quartz ballroom; the east-facing Amber ballroom seats 120. Smaller parties find the Prism room suitable as it seats 80. Plated dinners are more popular, it’s a touch more formal than buffets.”

The clients of the Matrix Hotel are generally affluent with a trendier take on weddings; this isn’t surprising if you have seen their décor.  Modernity and warmth go hand in hand throughout the hotel, giving you ample space to get your best bridal photo op. The banquet space is flanked by windows so a daytime event is possible and the audio-visual details are immaculate: “drop down screens in the ballroom mean you don’t have to compromise on décor to incorporate special moments in video and sound and this is included in the event of course”.

Lux surroundings and attention to detail and quality: what more can a couple ask for?