Featured Wedding: January 29, 2011Karla & Rick's Winter Wonderland

Posted by Blush Magazine Posted on January 29, 2011

One of the first things that Karla said was that she wanted to share nuptials with her fiancé Rick in a winter wonderland and that she wanted a small and intimate wedding…

The Big Day

With 325 guests, it was far from ”small”, yet it was profoundly intimate. While one might think that a substantial guest list would make a wedding impersonal, Karla and Rick’s wedding was far from such. Rebecca recollects that Karla and Rick’s wedding was full of emotion: “there was an overwhelming atmosphere of love and deep sentiment.” One of Karla’s wishes was to have a candlelit ceremony, so the room was uniquely lit, entirely by candlelight. Throughout the room, with floating candles sparsely placed on the tables, over three hundred guests held glimmering candles.

A string quartet played sweet melodies as guests arrived and at the beginning of the ceremony. When it was time for the beautiful bride to walk down the aisle, they played ‘Air on a G String,’ while both of Karla’s parents accompanied her. The moment when she walked down the staircase to her awaiting parents with all the candles glowing in the dark is Karla’s favourite memory of her wedding day: “it was truly a magnificent sight.”

Directly following the ceremony, guests were invited to enjoy a cocktail hour in the ballroom which had been transformed by white drapery and blue lighting into a winter wonderland. Shimmery teal overlays were placed on each table each with a tall centerpiece of sparkly sprigs in silver and teal. Chairs were covered in lustrous white chair wraps and snowflakes hung from the ceiling.

Favourite Moments

Following dinner, the Volya Ukrainian Dance Ensemble gave a special performance for the newlyweds and their guests. A troupe which the bride has been dancing with for over eighteen years, the Ensemble’s presentation was a significant moment of the wedding day. Karla observed that, having been an “important part of my life for almost 2 decades, performing for me, meant more to me than words can express.” In keeping with her Ukrainian heritage, a Ukrainian band was also present and the dance floor was bursting with dancers.

Newlywed Advice

Karla and Rick employed a videographer, who is also a good friend of theirs, to capture the day because, as they said, “the day becomes a blur [so] watching it on video afterwards is really the only way to [re]live the moment.” They will be forever able to relive their wedding day and reminisce about the warmth of emotion felt by all on that frosty winter evening.

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