Featured Wedding: November 3, 2012

Lindsay & Dave's DIY Wedding

Posted by Blush Magazine Posted on November 3, 2012

High school sweethearts, Lindsay and Dave met in grade ten. Dave would always attempt to attract Lindsay’s attention from across the room. He would sit near the window and use his watch to shine the reflection of the sun in her direction. Once he attracted her attention, a friendship began. They began to talk at school, then they went to parties with friends. A year and a half later, Dave asked Lindsay to go on a date. Fast forward fifteen years — he finally proposed.

The Proposal

It was Easter, her favourite holiday, and the Easter bunny brought a special treat for her. Every Easter, Dave surprises Lindsay with a little gift—this time, it was a proposal. He entered the room with two cupcakes and Lindsay quickly grabbed one. In her excitement she had not looked at the cupcakes and accidentally grabbed the one without the ring placed in the icing. Dave asked, “are you sure you want that one?” Lindsay was puzzled until she looked closer and noticed the ring; Dave proposed.

The Big Day

Filled with many unique details, Lindsay and Dave’s personalities were shown in their invitations which read, “Beautiful Bride, Handsome Groom, Booze, Food, and Bad Dance Moves…You In Or What?” Having always been in love with the Mercer Warehouse downtown, Lindsay and Dave decided to hold their wedding ceremony there.

On the morning of their wedding, once Lindsay was ready, she was given a gift and letter from Dave—it conveyed how happy he was that this day had finally come. At a romantic ceremony, Lindsay followed behind her niece and nephews. The boys held signs that read “Dave…here comes your girl” and “last chance to run!” — the flower girl held a book filled with paper hearts. Her final evening as a Ms. was spent at Lindsay’s parent’s house while Dave, along with some help, set up the reception. Dave wanted to ensure that when Lindsay walked into the reception, her breath would be taken away. The ceremony and reception venues shared DIY aesthetics designed by Lindsay. Lindsay and Dave’s family were a very important part of their wedding day and their love story that was fifteen years in the making. Although Lindsay’s 101 year old great Baba passed away before the wedding, a sentimental touch was the inclusion of her memory and her words. At Christmastime five years earlier, Lindsay recorded her Baba saying the Lord’s prayer. Unbeknownst to Lindsay at the time, this recording would later be played at hers and Dave’s wedding.

When asked how their relationship has changed since they have become married, Lindsay shares that she can now call Dave her husband, not just her boyfriend; “you get a little extra something when you get married.”

Favourite Moments

Dave’s favourite moment was watching Lindsay come up the stairs and thinking: “wow, [she’s] going to be my wife.”

First Dance

Joshua Radin: You Got What I Need

Newlywed Advice

Have fun planning the wedding and make it what you want, not what other people think it should be. Remember the small details as they will be the things you cherish.

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