Featured Wedding: September 21, 2012

Louise & Rudy Carlo's Personalized Wedding

Posted by Blush Magazine Posted on September 1, 2012

The universe couldn’t have made it any more clear; Louise and RC were meant to be together. Three years in the making, the couple’s first encounter was at work where Louise was introduced to the “new cute guy.” Although he quickly decided that the job wasn’t for him, RC couldn’t easily forget Louise. A few months later, RC friended Louise on Facebook, but it wasn’t until nearly two years later that they found themselves together in a class. One evening, RC found liquid courage and texted Louise to suggest that they should date—she quickly denied the request. Yet another year passed and eventually Louise realized that she couldn’t deny that she had developed a crush on the man that would become her husband three years later.


The Proposal

In 2011, much to her surprise, Louise’s birthday trip to San Francisco became an engagement trip. On their first day in California, the couple decided to take a walk from Fisherman’s Wharf to the Golden Gate Bridge; the distance of which takes nearly two hours to walk. Along the way, they stopped to rest at Fort Mason Park—a place that would quickly change the rest of their lives. As Louise contemplated having a nap in the park, RC teased her about the imposing sun’s rays. As a child, Louise would stare at the sun and imagine she had superpowers. Perhaps the sun didn’t generate superpowers, but something magical did happen that day. As her eyes adjusted to the brightness of the sun, Louise saw RC dangling an engagement ring above her.

The Big Day

Their wedding was full of special touches that were true reflections of their personalities, their love for each other, and for their families. Every detail was thoughtfully considered, including a special representation of RC’s late father; Louise ordered a small photo charm of RC’s father for him and they left a special seat open with a candle and a rose—to symbolize where he would have been seated. With these sentimental touches, the monogramed tissue packets at the ceremony were well-used. There were many pieces of décor that were adorned with the couple’s signature wedding brand—a personalized monogram. Louise wore her something blue in the form of “I DO” stickers underneath her ceremony shoes, to which RC wore the response “ME TOO” on his cuff links.

In the middle of a lively day, filled with great emotion, Louise and RC were able to find a moment of tranquility in each other’s company. The thing they wanted most for their wedding day was to stop and share a moment together. After they exchanged their personal vows and took formal photos, they retreated to their hotel room to freshen up, eat chocolate dipped strawberries, and watch TV. They cherish this time that they were able to spend together as husband and wife.

With a love so strong, the newlyweds nurture every moment that they share together and have created a “married bucket list” of the things they hope to do in their marriage.

First Dance

Musiq Soulchild: Don’t Change

Newlywed Advice

A wedding planner helped make the week before the wedding less stressful; she was a big asset—don’t regret spending a little more money, because the quality and professionalism that comes with that price is worth it!


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