Romantic Marriage Proposal TipsArt Gallery of Alberta Marriage Proposal

Posted by Blush Magazine Posted on July 7, 2015

The story of how you proposed will be told to friends and strangers for the rest of your lives (no pressure!). I think we could all learn from the way Tony executed his spectacular proposal. Since his grand scheme was too ambitious to execute by himself, Tony hired Edmonton based wedding vendors J’Adore Design and Events to bring his vision to life and Barbara Rahal Photography to capture it.

Tony chose to propose at the Art Gallery of Alberta, because that’s where the couple had their first date. The team decorated the spiral staircase with photographs of Tony and Jenny throughout their relationship. As Jenny ascended the stairs at sunset, Tony was standing on a carpet of petals from 1454 roses of various shades–one rose for every day they had dated. After Jenny said “yes,” their closest friends showered them with confetti and popped the bubbly. 

Here are four tips to planning the perfect proposal:

1. Make it Your Own

Incorporate your favourite places, things and activities. The proposal should reflect you as a couple.

Romantic Marriage Proposal Tips

2. Make it Memorable

Pulling off the surprise of a lifetime is no easy task; hire an event planner to make the proposal of his/her dreams a reality.

Romantic Marriage Proposal Tips

3. Capture the Moment

This moment will be remembered forever, but hiring a photographer is a great way to share and preserve the memory.

Romantic Marriage Proposal Tips

Romantic Marriage Proposal Tips

4. Celebrate

Keep the magic alive by including friends and family. Don’t forget the champagne!

Romantic Marriage Proposal Tips

Romantic Marriage Proposal Tips

Romantic Marriage Proposal Tips


Save The Date: Lauren & Erik 12.31.14Artsy Save the Date Video

Posted by Blush Magazine Posted on March 26, 2014

Happy Wednesday! We have something over the top creative and cute to share with you today. Lauren Ritchie shared her Save the Date video with Blush, instantly we knew it was something worth sharing. Lauren & Erik (uber cute couple btw) scanned the web and came across proposal and save the date videos, which inspired them to do one of their own. They are tying the knot on NYE at the Art Gallery of Alberta and want to throw a super fun celebration. A paint fight suited the artsy fun theme these two were aiming for. The couple then reached out to friend Christopher Dowsett and the team was ready to shoot their one-take video.

Lauren & Erik “Dexter-ed” their walls, ceilings and floor to ensure no damage was made to the hardwood or walls. They used paint, confetti, streamers and of course glitter ! Christopher did a wonderful job editing the video in reverse and “Let’s Start the New Year Right” was the perfect soundtrack. Yes, Lauren had to toss out that pretty dress afterwards.

Can you image the wedding these two are going to throw!  We raise our glasses to you Lauren & Erik!



AGA is Simply the BestBlush's Wedding Venue of the Year 2011

Posted by Blush Magazine Posted on July 31, 2011

From its prime location in the heart of the arts and culture district in downtown Edmonton, to the catering par excellence, the Art Gallery of Alberta is Blush’s pick for best venue of the year.

Staging your wedding, engagement or rehearsal events in Edmonton just got a whole lot more elegant.  Not only is it connected via underground tunnel to some of Edmonton’s biggest names ensuring your guests ease of movement, it is also a singular architectural achievement that needs next to no adornment for the brides who like to keep it simple.  For those who like the extra oomph, the space itself transforms beautifully.  Zinc Catering are the exclusive contract caterers for AGA and also the brainchild behind the AGA’s gastronomically delightful dining experience. Zinc catering’s Elisa De Fazio took Blush on a tour of the gallery so we could get a better idea of who’s holding their weddings there and why.

A chat with Executive Chef David Omar gave us a glimpse of what is easily one of the most creatively derived menu selections in fine dining available in Western Canada.  Blush loves Chef David’s vision, incorporating both locally sourced and fresh ingredients in his signature creations, all developed by integrating the couple’s preferences.  “I think that what we do with our couple’s choices in mind really stands out, especially when you see that even colour is taken into consideration,” says Chef David illustrating his point by explaining some of his more innovative uses of texture and colour to play into the couple’s theme.

The space is a multitiered visual extravaganza that seats 200 for plated dinners and 300 comfortably for standing receptions.  Renowned architect Randall Stout is known for “creating environments that capture the unique composition of their natural surroundings, while transforming light, shadow, form, and materials into dynamic architecture. His projects are known for vibrant forms, state of the art technology, and environmental sustainability.” Going chic and green this year is easy when choosing the AGA as your venue, especially since 90 percent of the steel used is derived from recycled materials.  The exterior usage of patinated zinc panels and the curving stainless steel inspired by Aurora Borealis at a staggering height of 102 ft makes the dramatic art factor high for this venue.

“The space itself is magnificently engineered both for acoustics and for lighting with the best technical options available,” explained Elisa. The Light Column, made of acrylic panels and lit from within, is unmatched in an Edmonton venue for both ingenuity and the fact that it can be custom lit to suit the couple’s preferred colour.  From the mezzanine to the stunning staircase leading up to several areas that can be sectioned off or booked as a whole, the AGA has an appropriate space for events ranging from engagement dinners to gift opening luncheons.  If the surreal structure and their gourmet approach to cuisine isn’t breathtaking enough, the fact is you are staging your event at an art gallery showcasing some of the biggest talents to ever grace Alberta should be the tipping point.  What does an art loving couple give as wedding favors?  Passes to the gallery, of course.