Featured Wedding: December 8, 2013Yasmin & Sami's Los Cabos Wedding

Posted by Blush Magazine Posted on September 3, 2014

Yasmin and Sami met by happenstance. A business trip on his end and a rescheduled hair appointment on her end caused their paths to intersect and changed their lives forever.

Sami made plans to attend an annual four-day work conference that traditionally took place in Calgary. Residing in Edmonton, AB, extensive travel plans were not required, he just cleared his calendar for the week of the convention. One week prior to the convention, Sami investigated the event details and discovered it was being hosted in Toronto! He was on the cusp of canceling his plans altogether, but it was too late to withdraw so he booked a flight. Having never been to Toronto, Sami was excited to explore a new city and while in the area, visit relatives he’s never met in London, ON. Unbeknownst to Sami, Yasmin lived in London, ON, and his fluke trip would lead him to his wife.

The Friday after the convention Sami drove to London, ON, for the weekend. “It was great to finally meet my aunt,” he says, “she had a huge lunch prepared and we talked for a couple of hours.” After a mini family reunion moment, Sami’s aunt suggested he walk down the road to greet his two cousins who own and run a hair salon. He walked into the salon and there was Yasmin, getting her hair done.

Sami’s cousins were Yasmin’s stylists for years. She actually booked an appointment for Thursday night, but had to reschedule last minute for Friday due to work obligations. “It was the hair appointment that changed my life forever,” says Yasmin. Sami walked over to initiate conversation, ended up asking Yasmin out to coffee that evening and the rest became history.

The Proposal

The love between Yasmin and Sami took them to new heights. In fact, it was up in the air on a helicopter ride over Manhattan, NY, that Sami proposed to Yasmin.

The Big Day

The two were excited about starting their life together, but never wanted a traditional Middle Eastern wedding with two hundred plus guests. Instead, the couple opted for an intimate destination wedding at a seaside villa in Los Cabos, Mexico. Some family members were not in favor of the destination wedding, but after experiencing the wedding eve sunset boat cruise, exquisite character of the seaside villa, breathtaking views of the ocean and elegant décor, everyone in attendance agreed it was the best wedding ever.

Favourite Moments

Yasmin: “The excitement of finally being married to my best friend Sami, with so many important people in our lives surrounding us. It was a dream come true, everything I envisioned came together and made our day unforgettable.”

Sami: “I was blown away when I got to see how everything looked after knowing Yasmin worked so hard for months to make things happen and once I saw the table, saw the look on our guest’s faces, tried the food… All remember thinking to myself at the time is “Sami, money well spent!”.

Second, we got a lot of backlash from our families whom not in their wildest dreams thought their kids would host a destination wedding. When they saw what we had in stock for them they were absolutely blown away and said that this was the best wedding they have ever been too! Such a good feeling!”

Engagement Ring Cut


First Dance

‘A Song For You’ – Michael Buble

Newlywed Advice

“Don’t stress out because it will all come together. Cherish every moment of your wedding day, before you know it the wedding day feels like a dream and it’s the morning after.”

Looking Forward to Most Now Being Married

As newlyweds, Yasmin and Sami are most looking forward to living together, catching up on time spent apart while dating, and building a lasting marriage.


Los Cabos, Mexico | Honeymoon Resort: Sheraton Resort

Which Ceremony Design Do You Love Most?7 Ceremony Designs From Blush's Featured Weddings

Posted by Blush Magazine Posted on November 26, 2015

The wedding ceremony is truly a reflection of two souls coming together and uniting as one. We’ve chosen some of Blush’s favourite ceremony designs that reflected unique aspects of the couple’s personalities.


Modern Wedding Ceremony

Photography: Shandro Photo | Design: Atmosphere Weddings

This design showcased a modern and chic style. The arctic theme of the Renaissance Edmonton Airport Hotel was enhanced with the choice of silver chiavari chairs. Greenery on modern tall vases with vines on each side of them symbolically reached towards the center where the couple united and recited their vows.

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Photography: Jill Coursen Photography | Design: High Culture Weddings

The wine barrels, candles, floral colour tones, custom wood boxes, and the stone wall all played a part in achieving a romantic vineyard for this couple who’s inspiration came from Napa Valley.

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Photography: Shannon Yau Photography | Design: Hera Weddings & Events

This couple was able to bring to their wedding a medieval and sensual atmosphere. The dark wood and the hanging candle-lit chandeliers, along with the candle outlined aisle set the ambiance for an intimate wedding ceremony.


Persian Rugs

Photography: Wilhelmina Weddings | Design: Birds & Honey Events

The amazing thing about nature is that it is beautiful in it’s own simple way. This couple let nature be the decoration, Persian rugs were added to pay a nod to the groom’s culture.


Outdoor Summer Wedding: Kara + Kyle

Photography: kate photos

A still lake, freshly cut logs, and a pop of colour with yellow sunflowers makes this the perfect backdrop for a “girl and boy next door” feel.


Photography: Sharon Litchfield Photography | Design: Jennifer Bergman Weddings

This type of design exudes glamour and romance. The drapes and floral were all different shades of white made which made for a regal and grand feel, tall vases and floral were setup at the top of the stairs for where the prince and princess would unite and recite their vows.


Beach Wedding Ceremony

Photography: Sara Richardson Photography | Design: Amy Abbotts Design

The blue skies, the blue water, the beach as the backdrop, and the benches for chairs made this wedding chic yet casual all at the same time. This couple was able to show their passion for water in this beautiful beach ceremony.

Nostalgic RomanceBlush Fall Winter 2012 Editorial Feature

Posted by Blush Magazine Posted on September 6, 2012

Nostalgic for an earlier time, with fashionable influences reminiscent of the twenties through the decades to modernity, we imagine women of earlier years and blend them with the modern woman. Dare to couple touches of historically fashionable, iconic trends of the twentieth century, with those currently in vogue.

The Curiously Arctic RenaissanceRenaissance Edmonton Airport Hotel Soft Opening

Posted by Blush Magazine Posted on June 25, 2014

For years there has always been a gap in the Edmonton International Airport for a quality accommodation . The Renaissance Edmonton Airport Hotel has answered the call with a luxury hotel that raises the bar for airport accommodation. The property opened it’s doors to travellers and locals in the Spring of 2014 and Blush Magazine was honored to attend the soft opening.

Here are some cool facts:

– The modern hotel was designed by Mike Goldsmith with GCD. The curiously arctic theme resonates throughout the entire property.

– The lobby area directly connects to the EIA departures through a heated skybridge making traveling convenient on those -30 winter days.

– The grand ballroom can host up to 500 guests depending on the set-up/design.

– Onsite HALO Bar | Bistro, a full service Starbucks and a cozy library equipped with all your electronic plug-ins to recharge before you travel.

– 213 guestrooms and 12 stylish suites

– The bar manager Tony Britton separates himself from other mixologists by focusing on fresh ingredients and premium products served with style and entertainment.

– Executive Chef Andrew Ihasz spent seven years between Fairmont Hotel & Resorts in Bermuda and San Francisco, Edmonton is extremely lucky to have him!

Your main contact for weddings & events is the lovely Sara Scott, she can be contacted by email at sara.scott@marriott.com

This won’t be the last time you’ll be hearing about this property, until then go enjoy a drink at the ultra modern HALO and enjoy the photos courtesy of FO Photography.

Winter Lake Louise WeddingSara + Tommy: Winter Lake Louise Wedding

Posted by Blush Magazine Posted on December 4, 2018

Tommy had a crush on Sara the moment they were paired up in a CPR class in university, but they didn’t become more than acquaintances until Sara moved to his hometown for medical school. He offered to show her around and they started dating shortly after.

The Proposal

On one of their many trips to Canmore, they planned a hike up Tent Ridge in Kananaskis. Sara attributed his nervousness to the recent bear activity in the area and had no idea he was carrying his grandmother’s ring, which he had remade for her. Tommy planned to propose at the summit but when they found a clearing full of wildflowers and spectacular views of the valley, he found his perfect moment.

The Big Day

Since Sara grew up in Canmore and they had shared so many special moments in the Rockies, the couple wanted to have a mountain wedding that would also feel like a mini-vacation for their guests. The Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise combined incredible food and service with a picturesque winter landscape.

Favourite Moments

While playing hockey with his friends before the ceremony was certainly a highlight for Tommy, it didn’t compare to the anticipation of waiting for his bride to walk down the aisle. Sara’s favorite moment was walking into the reception hall for the first time as husband and wife, with all of their family and friends toasting to their favorite song! “It was an overwhelming moment that was so full of love.”

Engagement Ring Cut


First Dance

“The Book of Love”—Gavin James

Newlywed Advice

“We would advise people to hire a day-of planner! It helps alleviate the stress of the day so that you can just go with the flow and enjoy it.”

Looking Forward to Most Now Being Married

While the whole day was incredible, Sara and Tommy are excited to never have to answer the question “how is wedding planning going?” ever again.



Featured Wedding: August 17, 2013Jamie & Gerhardt's Whimsical Wedding

Posted by Blush Magazine Posted on August 17, 2013

Jamie’s brothers were friends with Gerhardt, but their meeting was purely serendipitous. They did not meet until they were introduced at a friend’s wedding—a wedding that Gerhardt nearly did not attend. They visited throughout dinner and enjoyed casual small talk. When Gerhardt left, Jamie persisted until he returned. It appeared she had a crush on him—a feeling that was mutual. When asked if it was love at first sight, Jamie gushes, “yes, it was.”

The youngest of six children, it would be an understatement to say that Jamie’s four brothers and father are a little protective. As fathers and brothers do, they would often give Gerhardt a hard time, but the Brochu men quickly saw Gerhardt for the amazing man that he is—they, too, fell in love with him.

The Proposal

After several years of dating, marriage had become a topic of discussion and upon traveling to Panama, for what would be yet another friend’s wedding, Jamie was beginning to become disappointed that it was not yet her turn. Little did she know, Gerhardt had a plan. They booked a couple’s shoot, but Jamie thought it was simply for an experience. Unbeknownst to her, the photo shoot would turn into their engagement photos the moment that Gerhardt proposed. They wandered through the Yaya waterfalls and while Jamie was overwhelmed by the view, Gerhardt signaled to the photographer that he was about to propose. He shook with nerves. At the edge of the waterfall, Gerhardt knelt down on one knee and proposed to the love of his life.


The Big Day

Jamie has always been a fashionista and an antiquer, so it was suiting that décor was her favourite element of planning. Jamie travelled to Phoenix to find the gown of her dreams and wore different accessories for the ceremony and the reception, including a custom headpiece. From pieces of her grandmother’s jewellery that were wrapped around Jamie’s bouquet, to old doors that she had found at thrift shops, vintage finds surrounded the reception. Numerous custom built pieces were found throughout, such as a fabric backdrop behind the head table, a backdrop of vintage doors behind the sweetheart table, a large wish tree, and a unique backdrop for their photo booth. To suit their eclectic tastes, they opted to have three coordinating styles of reception tables. The reception was made complete with some of their favourite foods: a caesar bar and McDonald’s cheeseburgers alongside Pizza Hut for late lunch.

Favourite Moments

Ultimately, the ceremony is Gerhardt’s favourite: “standing in front of family and friends, holding Jamie’s hand, and exchanging our wedding vows.”

First Dance

Serena Ryder — “What I Wouldn’t Do”

Newlywed Advice

“Make sure you plan and have a wedding planner who is going to help you, because [time] can get away from you. Start early and have a really good plan of what you want. It’s all you do and all you think about and suddenly it’s over. It goes by so quickly, so enjoy it and breathe.”



Veils: Which is Your Style?Fashion: Wedding Veils

Posted by Rachel Romanu Posted on February 18, 2014

When choosing a veil, a bride has countless options. Veils vastly differ in style from vintage to traditional to modern—each uniquely fashionable. A bride’s veil ties everything together. Aside from historic tradition, it’s designed to compliment the wedding dress, embody the theme of the wedding and showcase the bride’s personality.

So how does one find the perfect veil? It starts with knowing your style. Take a veil tour with me and lets discover your style.

Chic Vintage Bride: Juliet Cap Veil

The Juliet Cap Veil is a style that dates back to the 1920s-1930s. It is considered chic vintage because of its flirtatious and romantic nature. Fitted to the top of the head, the Juliet Cap Veil drapes down adding fluidity to a structured headpiece.

What is Your Veil Style? Juliet Cap

Couture Bride: Pouf or Couture Veil

The pouf or couture veil is not for everyone. The veil is gathered at the top of the headpiece exploding out, creating a dramatic halo. This look can spice up any plain dress and incorporate a lot of the bride’s personality.

What is Your Veil Style? Couture Veil

Fashion-Forward Bride: Wrap Veil

The wrap veil is a fashion-forward look that marries the styles of vintage glam and modern. The wrap veil adds a unique twist to the traditional idea of veils.

What is Your Veil Style? Wrap Veil

Classic Bride: Fingertip Veil

Fingertip veils are the most popular because their design is universally flattering in length and shape. It elegantly extends down to the fingertips and was the style choice of Kate Middleton.

What is Your Veil Style? Fingertip Veils

Romantic Bride: Elbow Veil

Elbow length veils have a romantic shape that display a dainty personality. Manageable in length, elbow veils are most often used for daytime weddings.

What is Your Veil Style? Elbow Veil

Royal Brides: Cathedral Veil

A cathedral veil has a long train and typically extends 10-12 feet in length from head to toe. Credited for being dramatic in appearance and making a statement, the cathedral veil is reserved for the most formal weddings.

What is Your Veil Style? Cathedral Veils

Simplistic Bride: Blusher Veil

A blusher is a short, translucent veil worn over the face. It can either stand alone or be coupled with a longer veil creating a double-tier. However it’s worn, the blusher is a simple veil that carries significant meaning—historically it has been symbolic of warding off evil spirits and resembling purity.

What is Your Veil Style? Blusher Veil

Vintage Bride: Birdcage Veil

Birdcage veils date back to the post-war years of the 1940s. Commonly accessorized with flower or feather pins the birdcage veil covers the eyes, extends no longer than the chin and embodies classic vintage.

What is Your Veil Style? Birdcage Veils


Literally BeautifulStyled Wedding Shoot: Literally Beautiful

Posted by Blush Magazine Posted on January 25, 2015

We love when local wedding vendors get together and create wedding magic! Hanging books to flowers and a striking Hayley Paige gown graced our Spring Summer 2015 issue and editorial spread.

7 Styled Bridal LooksFashion: 7 Styled Bridal Looks

Posted by Blush Magazine Posted on October 25, 2017

The runways are just cooling off from Bridal Fashion Week but most of those gowns won’t be available until the New Year. The good news is that there are tons of gorgeous gowns from 2017!

Marie Zydek Styling put together seven looks from boutiques across Edmonton for us!

ROMANTIC ELEGANCE: A capelet is a great alternative to a traditional veil or train that you can take off after the ceremony, creating two distinct looks for your special day.

Gown (Allure Bridal), Earrings and Capelet: – Novelle Bridal Shop

EMBELLISHED PRINCESS: Adding a sparkly tiara as an accessory to a beautiful, beaded ball gown will make any bride feel like royalty!

Gown (Eve of Milady), Earrings, Hair Piece: Novelle Bridal Shop

SWEET AND SULTRY: Layering two delicate necklaces of different lengths will add attention to your décolletage if you opt for a plunging neckline.

Gown: Laudae from Delica Bridal | Necklace and Earrings: So Pretty Cara Cotter

CONTEMPORARY MINIMALIST: This unique rainbow moonstone beaded chain and pendant necklace adds a bohemian touch to this one-of-a-kind gown.

Gown: Truvelle from Delica Bridal | Ring and Necklace: So Pretty Cara Cotter

FLIRTY  AND FEMININE: Chandelier dangle earrings are a perfect option for brides if they’ll be wearing an updo.

Gown: Hayley Paige from Delica Bridal | Veil: Sara Gabriel from Delica Bridal | Earrings: So Pretty Cara Cotter

If wearing a bold necklace, it’s best to keep the rest of the accessories simple so that the jewelry doesn’t take away from the dress.

Gown (Mikaella), Belt, Choker: The Bridal Boutique | Earrings and Bracelet: So Pretty Cara Cotter

SLEEK AND SEXY: Sometimes less is more and you only need a great pair of drop earrings and a red lip to complete a glamorous, old Hollywood look.

Gown: Katie May from The Bridal Boutique | Earrings: So Pretty Cara Cotter

Rustic Mountain WeddingShannon + Kevin: Rustic Mountain Wedding

Posted by Blush Magazine Posted on February 10, 2018

Shannon met Kevin at his cabin in Pigeon Lake, he was hosting a get together with his friends. Instead of hanging out with them, Kevin asked Shannon to watch the sunset over the lake. They spent the rest of the evening talking and getting to know one another around the fire.

The Proposal

Kevin kicked off their B.C vacation with a surprise stay at the Fairmont Lake Louise, where Shannon had always wanted to visit. Shannon had also never been in a canoe before, so he also took her out on the lake for an unforgettable day. She nervously told Kevin numerous times to not stand in the boat, so instead he got down on one knee and proposed while a photographer secretly following them in another canoe captured the moment.

The Big Day

They loved the idea of having their rustic wedding at the same location they got engaged, and even took a few wedding photos in canoes on Lake Louise. They wed in front of 100 guests in a beautiful outdoor ceremony at Silvertip Resort followed by a cozy family-style reception, but their most cherished moments were their private first look and room reveal.

Engagement Ring Cut


First Dance

“Lost in This Moment”—Big and Rich

Newlywed Advice

“Follow your instincts though the planning and wedding day. If there’s something that is important or special to you make it happen; it’s your day.”

Looking Forward to Most Now Being Married

The newlyweds look forward to growing old together and creating memories as husband and wife.


Kauai, Hawaii | Grand Hyatt Kauai Resort and Spa


Number of Guests: 100 | Location: Canmore, AB | Ceremony Venue: Silvertip Resort | Reception Venue: Silvertip Resort | Marriage Officiant: Patrick Smiley | Planner: Julianne Young Weddings | Cake: Kinnikinnick Fresh | Catering: Silvertip Resort | Floral Design: Amborella Floral | Photographer: Eternal Reflections Photography | Videographer: Glass Stone Cinema | Rentals: Special Event Rentals, Modern Luxe Rentals, Great Events Rentals | Stationery: Pinkpolka Invitations & Stationery | Music: Jamie Woodfin | Bridal Gown Boutique: Novelle Bridal Shop | Bridal Gown Designer: Allure | Bridesmaids Boutique: Novelle Bridal Shop | Bridesmaid Designer: Theia | Veil: Sara Gabriel | Groom’s Suit/Tux Shop: Suits by Curtis Elliot | Groomsmen Suit/Tux Shop: Moore’s | Bridal Hair Stylist: Blush Artistry | Bridal Make Up Artist: Terri Cardinal | Bridesmaid(s) Hair Stylist: Blush Artistry | Bridesmaid(s) Make Up Artist: Terri Cardinal | Jeweler (Bride): Spence Diamonds | Jeweler (Groom): Spence Diamonds


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