Los Cabos Destination Wedding

Yasmin + Sami: Los Cabos Destination Wedding

Posted by Blush Magazine Posted on September 3, 2014

Yasmin and Sami met by happenstance. A business trip on his end and a rescheduled hair appointment on her end caused their paths to intersect and changed their lives forever.

Sami made plans to attend an annual four-day work conference that traditionally took place in Calgary. Residing in Edmonton, AB, extensive travel plans were not required, he just cleared his calendar for the week of the convention. One week prior to the convention, Sami investigated the event details and discovered it was being hosted in Toronto! He was on the cusp of canceling his plans altogether, but it was too late to withdraw so he booked a flight. Having never been to Toronto, Sami was excited to explore a new city and while in the area, visit relatives he’s never met in London, ON. Unbeknownst to Sami, Yasmin lived in London, ON, and his fluke trip would lead him to his wife.

The Friday after the convention Sami drove to London, ON, for the weekend. “It was great to finally meet my aunt,” he says, “she had a huge lunch prepared and we talked for a couple of hours.” After a mini family reunion moment, Sami’s aunt suggested he walk down the road to greet his two cousins who own and run a hair salon. He walked into the salon and there was Yasmin, getting her hair done.

Sami’s cousins were Yasmin’s stylists for years. She actually booked an appointment for Thursday night, but had to reschedule last minute for Friday due to work obligations. “It was the hair appointment that changed my life forever,” says Yasmin. Sami walked over to initiate conversation, ended up asking Yasmin out to coffee that evening and the rest became history.

The Proposal

The love between Yasmin and Sami took them to new heights. In fact, it was up in the air on a helicopter ride over Manhattan, NY, that Sami proposed to Yasmin.

The Big Day

The two were excited about starting their life together, but never wanted a traditional Middle Eastern wedding with two hundred plus guests. Instead, the couple opted for an intimate destination wedding at a seaside villa in Los Cabos, Mexico. Some family members were not in favor of the destination wedding, but after experiencing the wedding eve sunset boat cruise, exquisite character of the seaside villa, breathtaking views of the ocean and elegant décor, everyone in attendance agreed it was the best wedding ever.

Favourite Moments

Yasmin: “The excitement of finally being married to my best friend Sami, with so many important people in our lives surrounding us. It was a dream come true, everything I envisioned came together and made our day unforgettable.”

Sami: “I was blown away when I got to see how everything looked after knowing Yasmin worked so hard for months to make things happen and once I saw the table, saw the look on our guest’s faces, tried the food… All remember thinking to myself at the time is “Sami, money well spent!”.

Second, we got a lot of backlash from our families whom not in their wildest dreams thought their kids would host a destination wedding. When they saw what we had in stock for them they were absolutely blown away and said that this was the best wedding they have ever been too! Such a good feeling!”

Engagement Ring Cut


First Dance

‘A Song For You’ – Michael Buble

Advice from the Newlyweds

“Don’t stress out because it will all come together. Cherish every moment of your wedding day, before you know it the wedding day feels like a dream and it’s the morning after.”

Looking Forward to Most Now Being Married

As newlyweds, Yasmin and Sami are most looking forward to living together, catching up on time spent apart while dating, and building a lasting marriage.


Los Cabos, Mexico | Honeymoon Resort: Sheraton Resort

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