Hire A Food Truck For Your Special Event Wedding Trend: Food Trucks

Posted by Blush Magazine Posted on October 2, 2014

Food trucks gained popularity in larger cities over the past several years, now the craze has made its way to Edmonton and Calgary. The latest trend has been to serve up the couples favourite dishes at the rehearsal dinner, after the religious or civil ceremony, late-lunches, and even at the post wedding day lunch.  With over 75 food trucks in Alberta we are certain you will find something that suits your crowd best. Some trucks that we were surprised to find serve bubble tea, affogatos, ice cream sandwiches, shawarma, wood oven pizza, smoothies, philly cheesesteaks, poutine and more!

Here are a few things you need to consider before booking a food truck:


Being based in Alberta we are always cautious of booking outdoor events, the best time to book a food truck would be during the Spring, Summer, or Fall. For a winter wedding consider hiring a truck that serves hot chocolate. If bad weather is in the forecast there are several rental companies that can provide appropriate tents.

Number of Trucks

One food truck can safely serve about 75 guests without causing a long wait time, if you plan on feeding more than 100 guests you should consider hiring a second truck.

Permits & Parking

You will need permission from the venue before hiring food trucks out for your event. Venues that do not rely on catering may be easier, some venues may allow it only for the late-lunch if the reception dinner is served by them. Most food trucks only require permission to park and serve the food in the parking lot owned by the venue. If you plan to park the truck on city streets you will have to contact the city for approval. Be sure to discuss these options with your wedding coordinator.

Why Food Trucks?


Since food trucks only tend to focus on one or two items they have been known to serve some of the best food in the country.


Having guests stand in line and mingle outside will give your wedding a more laid back feeling, which lately couples are aiming for. Dressing up for a formal occasion is always fun but enjoying a meal with the informality of a food truck adds a cool vibe to any event.


Are you bubble tea fanatics? Is your favourite dish poutine? With food trucks you can hire based on the cuisine you are both crazy about. Our number one piece of advice has always been to make your wedding your own, and this is a great way to do so.

If you are looking for a food truck in Edmonton you can find a complete list at SmartFoodApp-Edmonton

If you are looking for a food truck in Calgary the complete list can be found at SmartFoodApp-Calgary

You may also find a list of catering vendors through our website here.

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