What’s A Pop-Up Wedding?The Original Fun + Fancy Elopement!

Posted by Blush Magazine Posted on December 16, 2016

Some of you may have never heard of a pop-up wedding. Let us fill you in! Pop-Up weddings are perfect for couples who don’t have the cash or for couples with other priorities, such as; travel, buying a home, starting a family etc. And because not all of us enjoy wedding planning, they are a great option for couples who don’t want to invest up to a year orchestrating an event.

Here enters Evented, an Edmonton based company, that specializes in pop-up style weddings and elopements. To introduce Blush to the idea of pop-up weddings, Evented partnered up with local wedding vendors to show our readers that you can have a beautiful and small wedding that entirely shows off your style, and the love between you and your partner!


Intimate Elopement in the WoodsStyled Shoot: Intimate Elopement in the Woods

Posted by Blush Magazine Posted on December 14, 2016

This styled intimate elopement in the woods is wildly romantic. Surrounded by soaring trees, perfectly edited details and a bouquet that will knock your socks right off.  And then there’s Beyonce’s ‘Halo” lyrics beautifully scripted and fitting for two people in love. See credits below images.


Magnificent Elopement in the WoodsStyled Shoot: Magnificent Elopement in the Woods

Posted by Blush Magazine Posted on December 2, 2016

This magnificent elopement in the woods is unconventional, but every bit as beautiful as an extravagant affair. A creative local team magnificently styled vibrant peonies in a moody forest and a tablescape fit for two to celebrate their union. If you are looking for an intimate way to exchange your vows– this may inspire you.


Indie Elopement in Alberta’s BadlandsStyled Wedding Shoot in Drumheller

Posted by Blush Magazine Posted on January 19, 2016

What is the formula for a perfect shoot? We get asked this question a lot! The ‘Indie Elopement in Alberta’s Badlands’ shoot checked all the major points; distinctiveness, high quality photography and details. Even with all that, the location is what really blew us away. Local wedding vendors drove across the endless golden prairies into the hills and rock formations, Alberta’s badlands, for the perfect setting. 

Knowing that the very ground this was shot on is filled with ancient bones of dinosaurs who once ruled the land will keep you in wonderment.


Elope In StyleFashion: Elopement Style Ideas

Posted by Blush Magazine Posted on February 24, 2014

Eloping used to mean running away with your lover and secretly getting married. Nowadays couples refer to it as a no-fuss quickie marriage at the courthouse. Since designers started considering brides that opt out of the traditional wedding gown forms, eloping has become a much more fashionable affair. Just because you decided to elope doesn’t mean you can’t look chic doing it, right? So whether you’re jetting off to your romantic spot or simply saying ‘I do’ at City Hall, do it with style:

The Short White Dress: For the bride that aspires to look unique but doesn’t want to wear a classic long wedding dress. Here are dresses that you can rock on the beach, under the Eiffel Tower, or at City Hall.

Elopement or City Hall Wedding: Short White Dresses

The Pant Suit: For the bride who is all about feeling comfortable and looking herself on her wedding day. If you’re going for comfort and a classic silhouette, a suit might be your thing. But not your ordinary suit, here are some stunners:

Elopement or City Hall Wedding: Pant/JumpSuit

Not Your Everyday Couple: These couples (real or not) show us how to look stylish for an elopement or city hall wedding.

Elopement or City Hall Wedding: Inspiring Couples