Intimate Summer Wedding

Alexis + Tom: Intimate Summer Wedding

Posted by Blush Magazine Posted on July 6, 2013

A student is not a stranger to a bag of cereal. Before the university’s spring/summer break, Alexis’ sorority hosted a party. Tom attended and he introduced himself to Alexis when he asked for her for a Shreddie. They ended up at a roller skating rink where Alexis and Tom flirted all evening. Summer came and the night at the rink became a memory. As school reconvened in the fall, Alexis and Tom bumped into one another on campus. Tom asked Alexis out and nine years later, Quad became the setting of his proposal.


The Proposal

Tom had a master plan, but it appeared that after nine years, he and Alexis were in tune with one another. The night before Tom proposed, Alexis had a dream that it happened. She recalls waking up with a feeling and when Tom announced that he had a surprise for her, she thought her suspicions were to be confirmed. The surprise, however, was a new bike. Alexis loves bikes, but that was slightly disappointed. The bike, however, was only a part of the surprise that awaited Alexis. They rode to Quad where Alexis reminisced about when they first met—she was completely oblivious that Tom was about to propose. She recalls that Tom was saying things about their relationship and she was chiming in. Tom was admittedly nervous, “in a way I couldn’t wait to do it, but I also couldn’t wait to get it over with. There’s a lot of pressure in that moment, you just want it to be right because that [memory] lasts forever.”


The Big Day

The couple planned a low-key reception that felt like a dinner party in their own backyard. When asked where they found their inspiration, Alexis shares that they “wanted it to be ‘Alexis and Tom,’ so we talked about what a dinner party at our house would feel like. The décor was us and the food was us.” They brought their own furniture and shabby-chic items to add to the eclectic flair and there were homemade desserts.

Favourite Moments

Alexis’ favourite part of being married is what lies in their future: “we’ve made [a] beautiful life-long commitment to one another. The man who I love will be at my side for the rest of my life—hopefully we’ll be old and grey.”

First Dance

Frankie Valli: “Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You”

Advice from the Newlyweds

If you start feeling stressed out about planning all of the details, try to remember that the point of the day is to marry the love of your life—the rest is just a party.



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  • Mahala March 21, 2014

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