Varadero Wedding Ceremony

Chloe + Michael: Varadero Wedding Ceremony

Posted by Blush Magazine Posted on March 21, 2012

Through a mutual friend, Chloe and Michael were first introduced to one another in Calgary, before they truly connected during a Summer in Europe. They were both living in Europe, he in England, she in Ireland, when a mutual friend brought them together. Abroad for two years, their relationship faced many challenges, but after sharing nearly five years together, Michael decided to propose to Chloe.

The Proposal

During a romantic weekend getaway to Vancouver. While at the airport, waiting to go to Vancouver, Chloe almost ruined the surprise when she asked Michael if he had a ring with him. She suspected it, so she asked, and Michael’s response was for her not to ask such ridiculous questions. Needless to say, once they arrived at the penthouse suite of the West coast hotel, the answer to Chloe’s suspicions were revealed. As she turned the corner, Michael was on one knee, ready to propose.

The Big Day

Of course, with a destination wedding, they did not expect to have many friends present, but were surprised with the mix of family and friends that were able to celebrate with them on the sandy beaches of Cuba. Chloe’s favourite moment of their wedding ceremony is walking down the aisle at her father’s side. As her father gave her away, to become Michael’s wife, she cried; she recalls the greatest emotion of the ceremony being that very moment.

With a talented photographer in the family, Chloe shares that she “lucked out with having an awesome photographer” capture their wedding moments in Cuba. With a journalistic approach, Chloe and Michael received the photos that they had dreamed of when they appointed Cuba as their destination. Chloe and Michael wanted to experience the lifestyle of Havana, Cuba, so they spent a day in their wedding outfits and explored the town.

Favourite Moments

Some of their fondest wedding memories are of their day in town where they engaged with locals such as the children playing soccer.

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