Q & A with Randy FenoliCrème de la Crème: Randy Fenoli

Posted by Blush Magazine Posted on December 22, 2014

Our Editor-In-Chief, Najla Elwenni, met with Randy Fenoli, one of the most trusted sources in the bridal and fashion industry, at Kleinfeld Bridal in Manhattan for this first ever Canadian cover and for an exclusive interview. In the process, we got a lesson on bridal fashion and a look into Randy’s lie off camera.



Best dressed celebrity bride of the last five years?

I have two; Portia de Rossi in 2008 and Ivanka Trump in 2009

Best dressed royal bride?

Kate Middleton

Should a bride keep her wedding gown for her daughter/granddaughters? Has this gone out of “fashion” in recent years?

Weddings are about traditions, so I say YES! Keep it to make a christening dress, flower girl dress, or re-use your veil to keep some traditions alive.

Which celebrity bride are you most looking forward to this year?

Angelina Jolie

What can we find on your iPod right now?

‘Happy” by Pharrell Williams, “Run the World’ by Beyonce, a little disco and of course some show tunes.

Do you have a ballad that you think is especially arresting for a bride?

‘Marry Me’ by Train, ‘All of Me’ by John Legend and ‘Just the Way You Are’ by Bruno Mars

Your favourite social media platform? Why?

Facebook and Twitter. I love reading posts from my followers (trying to learn Instagram).

Do you have a daily ritual? What motivates you each day?

No. Each day is different and unique, but the one constant that motivates me is my little shih tzu Chewy! He wakes me up everyday with kisses all over my face. He’s such a loverboy!

NYC is famous for a lot of things, is there a café, bakery or restaurant that you’d recommend to visitors during their visit here?

Eataly, its like a little piece of Italy dropped in the middle of New York City!

Chewy has his own fan-base! What does he add to your life? How old is he?

Chewy is 7 months old now. He is absolutely the sweetest dog you’ll ever meet! There’s not a mean bone in his body; Just pure love. He’s also very smart, quite fearless and totally rambunctious! He also loves to play fetch.

In your opinion, the most romantic honeymoon theme or destination would be?

Whether they are at a private island resort, wine tasting & eating their way through Italy, on a Safari in Africa, or taking in the lights of Paris, for me, the most romantic place is somewhere that is personal to the couple.

What do you think of couples that opt for large-scale ostentatious weddings and forgo the honeymoon?

I try not to judge, so I would say it’s their choice, but it wouldn’t be mine.

In terms of the latest bridal fashion styles, what is an example of a re-visited trend?

Both sleeves and venise lace have made a very strong return to bridal fashion.


Veils: Which is Your Style?Fashion: Wedding Veils

Posted by Rachel Romanu Posted on February 18, 2014

When choosing a veil, a bride has countless options. Veils vastly differ in style from vintage to traditional to modern—each uniquely fashionable. A bride’s veil ties everything together. Aside from historic tradition, it’s designed to compliment the wedding dress, embody the theme of the wedding and showcase the bride’s personality.

So how does one find the perfect veil? It starts with knowing your style. Take a veil tour with me and lets discover your style.

Chic Vintage Bride: Juliet Cap Veil

The Juliet Cap Veil is a style that dates back to the 1920s-1930s. It is considered chic vintage because of its flirtatious and romantic nature. Fitted to the top of the head, the Juliet Cap Veil drapes down adding fluidity to a structured headpiece.

What is Your Veil Style? Juliet Cap

Couture Bride: Pouf or Couture Veil

The pouf or couture veil is not for everyone. The veil is gathered at the top of the headpiece exploding out, creating a dramatic halo. This look can spice up any plain dress and incorporate a lot of the bride’s personality.

What is Your Veil Style? Couture Veil

Fashion-Forward Bride: Wrap Veil

The wrap veil is a fashion-forward look that marries the styles of vintage glam and modern. The wrap veil adds a unique twist to the traditional idea of veils.

What is Your Veil Style? Wrap Veil

Classic Bride: Fingertip Veil

Fingertip veils are the most popular because their design is universally flattering in length and shape. It elegantly extends down to the fingertips and was the style choice of Kate Middleton.

What is Your Veil Style? Fingertip Veils

Romantic Bride: Elbow Veil

Elbow length veils have a romantic shape that display a dainty personality. Manageable in length, elbow veils are most often used for daytime weddings.

What is Your Veil Style? Elbow Veil

Royal Brides: Cathedral Veil

A cathedral veil has a long train and typically extends 10-12 feet in length from head to toe. Credited for being dramatic in appearance and making a statement, the cathedral veil is reserved for the most formal weddings.

What is Your Veil Style? Cathedral Veils

Simplistic Bride: Blusher Veil

A blusher is a short, translucent veil worn over the face. It can either stand alone or be coupled with a longer veil creating a double-tier. However it’s worn, the blusher is a simple veil that carries significant meaning—historically it has been symbolic of warding off evil spirits and resembling purity.

What is Your Veil Style? Blusher Veil

Vintage Bride: Birdcage Veil

Birdcage veils date back to the post-war years of the 1940s. Commonly accessorized with flower or feather pins the birdcage veil covers the eyes, extends no longer than the chin and embodies classic vintage.

What is Your Veil Style? Birdcage Veils



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