The Art of Cake Vendor Spotlight: The Art of Cake

Posted by Blush Magazine Posted on September 1, 2013

It’s all in the name. The dynamic husband and wife duo, Gloria Bednarz and Guenter Hess, behind The Art of Cake have transformed the concept of a traditional wedding cake into a fine craft. Drawing upon over fifty years combined experience in pastry making, since its inception in 2007 The Art of Cake has become one of the most sought after cake shoppes in Edmonton. Operating without a traditional store-front or a sign that boasts the company’s name, The Art of Cake is an independent cake shoppe that offers specialty cakes to the discerning client for any type of event—big or small.

With professional training and backgrounds from contrasting schools of thought, Bednarz and Hess’ differences create the quintessential recipe for their success; Bednarz stresses the significance of the family kitchen while Hess brings formal training in the arts, particularly in the mediums of drawing and watercolours. Together, they provide personable service and a unique experience in the creation of your custom cake, with unparalleled aesthetics and exceptional flavour.

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