Royal Inspired Wedding

Nada + Nader: Royal Inspired Wedding

Posted by Blush Magazine Posted on October 8, 2011

Nada and Nader met in Lebanon in the Summer of 2010 and learned that they had both shared four years in Edmonton. What is most ironic about their serendipitous meeting is that Nader later learned that his sister and his future wife were friends! While they were confused as to why they had not met before, they agree that their meeting was not by chance, but rather the matter of perfect timing. Nader had decided to spend some of his Summer in Lebanon to visit with family and friends, where Nada and her family had just moved back to after their four years in Edmonton. Enjoying himself, Nader decided to extend his trip and it was a decision that would change the rest of his life; a decision that would lead to him meeting his future wife.

Their meeting is like one from within the pages of a romance novel. Earlier in the day, while in town with friends, Nader happened to be across the street from Nada’s home. As this beautiful woman walked by, Nader thought to himself, “wow, who is that?” Later that night, while at a party, he would find out. At a mutual friend’s party, their eyes met from across the patio. Having never seen this girl in his life and then twice in one day, Nader was overwhelmed with a feeling that she was special. Nader recollects that he had felt something he had never felt before. He returned to Edmonton, but decided that he had to know more about Nada. Miles away from one another, they would spend hours on the phone together.

The Proposal

Nader returned to Lebanon to ask Nada for her hand in marriage. Here, he met all of Nada’s family for the first time. Only knowing broken Lebanese, it was a challenge, but one that he looks back to fondly.

The Big Day

With most of their family and friends in Edmonton, Nada and Nader decided to wed in Edmonton. Inspired by Will and Kate’s royal wedding, Nada and Nader opted for a royal theme and they ensured that they had just that, inclusive of British guards. Together, they wanted something different and grand, something that they had never seen before. They say that they “want to go to weddings that are different and exciting,” so they shared this thought with their guests. With the finest décor details like a red carpet, chiavari chairs, and fireworks, their wedding was untraditional, but they hope to inspire future couples.

Having been married for a few months now, Nader shares that his life is “so much better. Honestly, it’s like a whole new life. Before, you’re basically lost. To have someone to share your feelings with, it’s amazing.”

First Dance

Aerosmith: I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing



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