Puzzle Themed Wedding

Sandra + Tim: Puzzle Themed Wedding

Posted by Blush Magazine Posted on November 4, 2014

Sandra and Tim met in September of 2008 in a business class at the University of Alberta. After a professor’s random selection of group members, the two were placed together on a semester-long project along with three other classmates. While working on the project the two remained friendly but slowly started to realize that there may be something more between them. Once the project was over, they both realized how much they missed seeing one another and by early January of 2009 they were dating and have not been separate since.

The Proposal

Sandra and Tim were never the couple to make a big deal out of Valentine’s Day, so she was surprised when Tim asked her to skip her Pilates class and come home because he had made dinner. She even complained to her mom who, knowing his plan, urged Sandra to be nice and go home. She walked into a picnic set-up in the middle of their living room. Her favorite snacks and wine were set on beautiful trays on a little blue blanket that they had purchased together the year prior.

Once they were done eating Tim asked Sandra to open her gift, the package was full of puzzle pieces, which Tim helped her rip open causing the pieces to fly all over the floor. After picking them up, Sandra began to put the puzzle together recognizing that it was a photo of the couple from a professional shoot they took together.

After she finished assembling the puzzle, Sandra noticed that there were two corner pieces missing so she turned around to look for them while Tim pretended to do the same (turns out he helped Sandra rip the bag on purpose making it look like the pieces may still be on the floor and that they had missed them). He handed her one piece which fit into the first gap, she looked down thinking it was the photographer’s watermark but instead read “Sandra, will you”. After reading this, she felt an incredible wave of heat anticipating what would come next. The final piece said “marry me?”

Sandra was in tears and by the time she took her hands away from her eyes Tim was on his knee saying “I could not think of another better place to ask you to marry me than in this home that we’ve built together. Will you marry me?”

The Big Day

Sandra and Tim were searching for a glamorous venue that offered privacy so they could share the entire space with just their guests. The Oasis Centre further added to their wish list by offering the beautiful outdoor garden for photos and cocktail hour for their guests, private bride & groom’s rooms and a perfect backdrop that could be transformed for both ceremony and reception.

In an effort to personalize their wedding Sandra and Tim paid great attention to the details. The puzzle theme from the proposal was maintained through the stationery, cake topper, signage, guest book, wedding favors, and even the mens socks!

Since the couple met at the University of Alberta, they even managed to book the exact classroom they met in for some photos in the seats they occupied six years ago. Sandra’s Bosnian culture is also very important to her, so they incorporated traditional music and line dances for their family and friends to participate in. She also incorporated speciality Serbian shots, Serbian candy, and spoke in both languages during her speeches.

Their cinematographers were able to provide a same day edit that showcased everything up until the reception. After the wedding many guests shared that the video teaser was the highlight for them. After hours of dancing, Fat Franks were served as a late lunch in the beautiful Oasis Centre gardens! 

Favourite Moments

Sandra: “It was so hard to pick one moment – the way that the entire day felt deep down was surreal and amazing. The loving speeches of our families and the amazing dance party definitely stand out. If, however, I had to pick just one it would be those first couple of minutes during the ceremony when Tim and I were holding hands and it seemed like there was nobody else in the room except for us. The way he looked at me, just so happy and emotional is something I will ever forget.”

Tim: “Very difficult to choose one; seeing Sandra for the first time was the most memorable moment for me. I also remember sitting at our head table, looking around and everyone was smiling and I just thought “wow you’re at your wedding” – the coolest feeling.”

Engagement Ring Cut


First Dance

‘When I Say I Do’ – Matthew West

Advice from the Newlyweds

“Ensure to follow your heart with what is important to you. If you want a small intimate wedding then have one and if you want to dance all night long then do so until your feet hurt and then some more. This is your day and nobody will remember it more than you. Also, be very careful with where you save. Investments in great photographer, videographer, florist, DJ and beauty team are absolutely worth it and remember that details matter and are noticed.”

Looking Forward to Most Now Being Married

“Continuing to explore the world, work on accomplishing our shared goals and starting our own family.”


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