Honey Bee Harvest Inspired Elopement Oh So Sweet!

Posted by Blush Magazine Posted on April 21, 2021

Today’s styled shoot comes to us from the beautiful Okanagan Valley at a time we all desperately need some inspiration. Jennifer Hodder Photography used timeless medium format film to capture this colourful honey bee harvest inspired elopement at Sanctuary Gardens. Featuring blue delft plates, coral peonies, mini tangerines and golden honey. Details like a vintage pearl & crystal bee hair brooch, bee cufflinks, an heirloom cluster ring all added a unique charm to this shoot.

Jennifer was inspired when she saw a bride covered in a floor length veil and thought that it kind of made her look like a whimsical bee keeper. She didn’t think much about this idea again until she learnt about the hardships that our honey bees are going through. This shoot was meant to bring awareness to the crisis in an artistic way. “A lot of the aspects that I brought into the shoot were “bee or honey” based. Bees need high pollinating flowers in order to survive so the perfect “guest gift” could be a seed packet of flowers and a lot of local flower shops, bee keepers and farms will actually have these in a cute little envelope that is easy to add to your decor,” Jennifer shared.

Further supporting the growth of Okanagan’s orchards, all of the honey used came from Meadow Vista Honey Wines, a local wine shop that keeps their own bees to make their honey & wine. The team also opted to have Whisk Cake Company sweeten the wedding cake with locally sustained honey.

Even choosing just one of these options will help out the bee population and the reward is Oh So Sweet!

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