Tying The Knot Multicultural Couple Meets Western Wedding Design

Posted by Blush Magazine Posted on March 16, 2021

We often have the opportunity and honour to work with multicultural couples who find themselves drawn to and inspired by modern, western wedding design but also want to honour their families and cultural traditions. Our aim with this shoot was to blend western design with traditional elements to strike a beautiful balance between the two. In Canada and the city of Calgary especially, we live in a place where almost everyone has arrived here from somewhere else, whether recently, or our parents or grandparents before us. So many of us find ourselves trying to balance honouring our heritage, upbringing and cultural traditions with who we are as modern individuals and couples.

We hope to inspire just that; honouring the important traditions that tie us to our ancestors, while also speaking our own truth and designing a wedding that inspires who we are, our own experiences and lives.

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