7 Bouquet Trends of 2017Floral: Bouquet Trends of 2017

Posted by Blush Magazine Posted on August 8, 2017

Florals have really made a surge in the wedding industry lately. It’s no wonder with these floral artists using their creativity and unique blooms to create stunning masterpieces. They photograph beautifully and are a great way to really customize your special day.

We love how natural and organic bouquets are on trend right now. We are seeing a lot of muted jewel-tones, as well as romantic monochromatic blooms. The use of unique and creative materials are on the rise – two of our featured bouquets have artichokes in them! These add charm and a different dimension to the bouquet we have never seen before. Check out the 7 bouquet trends of 2017 in detail below.


We can’t help but swoon over the romantic look – soft, natural and simply beautiful. With plenty of greenery surrounding these delicate florals it’s no wonder this look is so popular right now.

Floral: Lavender and Lace Floral Farm | Photo: Heidrich Photography


Notice the use of artichokes in this incredibly unique bouquet. The colours are soft, yet still manage to create a bold statement. The use of greenery in this one adds a natural feel.

Floral: Fabloomosity | Photo: Carey Nash Photography


We are in love with the jewel-tones in this bunch of blooms. The burlap wrap and lace add a romantic feel. We can truly appreciate the thought that goes into the whole look, from the hair, to the dress to the florals – each compliments each other beautifully.

Floral: Flower Artistry | Photo: Nathan Walker Photography


In this bouquet we have a more monochromatic look with no leafy greenery which really puts the focus on the soft florals.The different mix of soft blooms creates a lovely dimension and a romantic feel.

Floral: Tickled Floral | Photo: Jill Coursen Photography

Make It Pop

Next up we have more gorgeous jewel-tones. We love the use of a similar colour palate to tie everything together, but different enough to make the blooms pop from one another. Place some soft greenery throughout and we have another gorgeous trend.

Floral: Fabloomosity | Photo: Carey Nash Photography

Mix It Up

For a truly unique look, this bouquet has everything from calla lilies, to succulents to artichokes! We completely appreciate the creativity behind this one. The tones are perfection and the trailing greenery is everything!

Floral: Bloomin’ Chickadee | Photo: Megan Kemshead Photography


Another on-trend look is this moody, romantic bouquet. We have some bold blooms completely surrounded by cascading greenery. This is a natural, organic look at it’s finest.

Photo: Carey Nash Photography


Editors’ Picks: 10 Best Bouquets10 of the prettiest bouquets to inspire you!

Posted by Blush Magazine Posted on April 27, 2016

From all white to colourful bouquets, structured to free, our favourite wedding bouquets feature a style for every type of bride. Whether you’re in search of your own wedding flowers or are just in the mood to add to your Pinterest board, scroll through to see our favourite wedding bouquets from real weddings.


While we’ll always love colourful blooms, carrying an all-white bouquet is an instant classic. Whether you favour crisp white or a more creamy ivory, there are tons of floral options to pick from when creating your single-hued bouquet. Design: Wild Orchid Floral | Photo: Katch Studios

 Editors' Picks: 10 Best Bouquets


We like to call this the couture take on the white bouquet. Luxurious gardenias with a pop of colour and a gold handle. You can substitute the yellow + gold with your main wedding colour and it would look just as fabulous! Design: faBLOOMosity | Photo: Katch Studios

Editors' Picks: 10 Best Bouquets


It takes a really good designer to pull together an array of flowers and colours into something this beautiful. An all-time favourite of mine! Design: Tickled Floral | Photo: Tricia Victoria Photography

Editors' Picks: 10 Best Bouquets

Same idea here but different colours, love all the different textures here. Design: Flowers by Janie | Photo: Erika Lagy Photography

Editors' Picks: 10 Best Bouquets


If you’re saying “I Do” in the months of April, May or June, you’re one lucky bride. Some of the most beautiful flowers bloom in the springtime. We love how this designer also incorporated succulents. Design: faBLOOMosity | Photo: Katch Studios

Editors' Picks: 10 Best Bouquets


This peony bouquet will never get old. Is there anyone in the world that doesn’t love wispy dreamy peonies? Didn’t think so! Design: Graham & Lane | Photo: Lucier Photography

beach wedding gown


Not every bride dreams of a perfect, symmetrical bundle of blooms. For the gal searching for something more natural, look no further than these perfectly imperfect bouquets.

Red and white were great choices against the snow and this brides fur coat. Design: Tickled Floral | Photo backdrops: Erin Walker Photography

Editors' Picks: 10 Best Bouquets

An array of flowers from peach to burgundy gives you best of both worlds. Design: Cory Christopher | Photo: Nicole Ashley

Editors' Picks: 10 Best Bouquets

For the effortless bride that loves pink! Springtime is the best season for this look! Design: Akiko Floral | Photo: Wilhelmina Weddings

Editors' Picks: 10 Best Bouquets

A natural bouquet comprised of white blooms and greenery. Design: addwigs| Photo: Heart & Sparrow Photography

beach wedding gown



Dana Smyl Event FloristVendor Spotlight: Dana Smyl Event Florist

Posted by Blush Magazine Posted on May 2, 2014

We are always raving about the wedding vendors that Albertans are so fortunate to have access to. There is a level of creativity and passion that surpasses anything we have seen before. So when vendor and wedding submissions show up on our desk we are always in awe with the originality and love put into their work. Today we are showcasing the work of Dana Smyl. You can catch some of her beautiful creations below, but before that, let’s learn a bit more about her.

When and how did your love for floral design begin? 

I’ve always had a love for weddings, I was planning weddings in my head since I was a little girl. My love of floral kind of fell on my lap about 9 years ago. After I went to Art school I moved out to Victoria and started working at a decor company as a visual merchandiser. I would set up room displays that required floral and I gradually found myself more interested in the floral design than the decor. When I returned to Alberta I was approached by a florist to work in her shop. I started designing weddings with her and I fell in love with it. I continued to work in flower shops for several years and then decided to focus completely on weddings and events.

What could a couple expect at a floral consultation with Dana Smyl?

An Open Mind. I love to hear their love story, their ideas, and their vision. I don’t focus on any certain style, I love to create a personal feel for everyone. If a couple has a clear vision I do my very best to work with it. If they don’t quite know what they want, I help them come up with something that is perfect for their style and price point. I like to gather all the information I can; from the cake to the attire, the wedding is like one giant canvas and it is my job to compliment it with floral. 

How many weddings do you dedicate to each year?

As many as I know I can handle, no more. I don’t like the thought of over loading myself with too much. I feel that its not fair to me or the couple if I cant focus 100% of myself to their wedding. I do it because I love it and I pride myself in quality work.

If you can pick one flower you’d love to work with, which would it be?

Every flower has it’s own personality. The sophisticated and romantic peony, the vibrant and playful pincushion, the wild flowers, herbs and weeds all say something very different from one another. So depending on what I’m trying to say in my work, I haven’t any favourites.


Fabulous FaBLOOMosityVendor Spotlight: FaBLOOMosity

Posted by Blush Magazine Posted on January 15, 2013

For more than ten years, floral compositions, design concepts, and innovative inspirations have been curated by Janine Sebastian, one of Edmonton’s most sought after floral designers.

After having become proficient in the vocabulary and artistry of floral design, Sebastian has established herself as an avant-garde artist who works with the medium of floral. At the end of 2011, Sebastian launched as FaBLOOMosity, “turning ordinary into extraordinary.” Sebastian acknowledges that her work is far from ordinary and seeks to establish new trends in Edmonton’s floral market. In recent years, Sebastian has become known for her floral chandeliers, en masse floral, and unique bouquet handles. Sebastian exudes considerable confidence and is a source of sizable energy; her passion for her work is evident. Providing her clients with custom floral designs for any occasion, Sebastian seeks to capture the essence of who her clients are and incorporates their personalities and style into the designs.