Trend Setting Modern Wedding

Jordan + Matt: Trend Setting Modern Wedding

Posted by Blush Magazine Posted on September 21, 2013

Six years ago Jordan and Matt met online, and after six months the two finally decided to meet in person. From their months of conversations, they already knew that they got along; but it was not until they met in person that they truly knew how much. Unbeknownst to Matt at the time, Jordan was moving from Edmonton to Calgary for school only days later. The move, however, only solidified their feelings for one another. The day after their first date, Matt called Jordan and what was supposed to be a quick lunch ended up as an entire day spent together.

During school, Jordan would often spend weekends traveling back and forth to see Matt. During a late night drive back to Calgary, Matt called Jordan to ask if he would be back the following weekend. Without hesitation, he said “of course!” At that moment, Jordan knew that Matt was the one: “it kind of hit me then, I was willing to travel back and forth for this guy.”

The Proposal

Having been together for three years, marriage had become a regular topic of conversation—it was not a matter of if, but rather, when. One day Matt surprised Jordan with a trip to Disneyland. On the second day of their visit, they purchased early admission passes into the park, and it was as if they had the park to themselves. While walking around Sleeping Beauty’s castle, Matt disappeared. Jordan later found him near Snow White’s wishing well where he asked Jordan to toss a coin into the wishing well. When Matt asked what he wished for, Jordan replied “that we would one day get married and start a family together.” When Jordan turned to Matt, he found him with an engagement ring, tears in his eyes, and a proposal.

The Big Day

Jordan and Matt shared their love story with their family and friends at a modern wedding ceremony and reception. Opting for an outdoor rooftop ceremony, an end of summer/beginning of autumn wedding date proved ideal. Instead of a traditional wedding party, they had a group of VIPs led by their sisters who stood up as their witnesses of honour. One of their VIPs provided live music for the ceremony—one of Jordan’s most memorable parts of wedding planning was selecting the songs that she would sing. Another VIP designed the florals, an addition to Jordan’s list of favourite aspects of planning: “I loved the flower consult, because flowers are my favourite part of every wedding.”

Their guests were treated to a wedding that combined the styles and colours of both grooms. As guests entered, they were given buttons that said “I missed my chance with Jordan” or “I missed my chance with Mathew.” Rather than traditional round tables, the duo opted for a long harvest style, family table for all 112 guests. Jordan recalls “the large family dinners where my grandma would pop up her folding card table and a [few] TV trays and extend the family table, so everyone would sit down at one table. That’s something I wanted to recreate for [our] guests, that feeling of family.”

Jordan speaks of the couple’s future plans, “where we see ourselves in ten years, or twenty years. We started the adoption process, so we are hoping to have a family. There’s a lot more movement ahead.”

Favourite Moments

Matt’s Favourite Moment: “Jordan and I had chosen to use our grandfathers rings as our wedding bands. Seeing as we were both really close with our grandparents before they passed away, we  thought this was a very special and exciting way to remember them and have them be apart of the day and our lives. When we went to get the rings sized, Jordan fell in love with a diamond ring that the jeweler had just got in. He said ‘One day I am going to have that ring!’, and I secretly went back to the jeweler and made the purchase. Upon saying our vows to each other, I pulled out the ring and completely surprised Jordan! He was extremely shocked and began to cry, and it was the most special moment to me because I was able to surprise him with something, seeing as he had taken on most of the wedding planning himself and was the one surprising me throughout the day!”

Jordan’s Favourite Momenst: 1) When I first got ready and left the bedroom to see my mom and sister standing there. We hugged and  cried, and seeing as my mom and I are extremely close, and my sister Nikki is my best friend, it was one of the best feelings in the world to see their reaction to me on my big day, and 2) When our photographer Cassie took my downstairs of the Matrix Hotel to do the “First Look” with Mathew, I was SO nervous and excited! The butterflies were incredibly strong, and I could not wait to see his face!!!  When we were put back to back, I could feel how heavy he was breathing as well. When he turned around and smiled, and gave me the first kiss of the day, I melted and was completely excited for the rest of the day to begin!”

First Dance

Live cover by Jenn Beaupre“Hey There Delilah” 

Advice from the Newlyweds

“If for nothing else, hire a planner to coordinate the day! It makes things so much easier and takes every ounce of stress off of you and your families.”




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  • Cassie January 24, 2014

    It’s such an honour to have my photos in your gorgeous magazine and I’m so thankful to have been a part of Jordan and Matt’s special day. Love the write up!! 🙂

  • Rita Cherniak January 24, 2014

    Jordan and Matt this is wonderful to see everything in print. Congratulations to both of you I remember when Jordan came back from Disneyland how excited and sooooo happy. You are an amazing couple. I’m honored to know you and be called your friend.

  • Knyckie Fike January 24, 2014

    The wedding itself was an absolute fairy tale day… So glad to have been there to share it with you. ~♡~

  • Robyn Langevin January 25, 2014

    Congrats to you Jordan and your lovely husband Matt! I loved this article on your wedding and you both looked amazing 🙂

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