Elegant Fairmont Hotel Wedding

Andrea + Andre: Elegant Fairmont Hotel Wedding

Posted by Blush Magazine Posted on January 30, 2015

A Facebook message was the catalyst to Andrea and Andre’s five-year relationship, of which three years were long distance while Andrea was completing her medical degree. Being apart makes moments together extra special, especially when one of those moments presents an unforgettable life altering question.

The Proposal

On Andrea’s twenty-ninth birthday, Andre gifted her and entire book that chronicled the history of their relationship. When Andrea reached the last page, Andre got down on one knee and she read the words “Will you marry me?” It was in that moment the young couple started the next chapter of their book.

The Big Day

Married at The Fairmont Hotel MacDonald, Andrea and Andre had an exquisite celebration saturated with personal detailing. From hand picked flowers for the bridal bouquet lovingly arranged by Andrea’s aunt to hand crafted centerpieces and numerous DIY projects in between, the couple’s vision came to life in large part at the hands of talented loved ones.

Favourite Moments

Andrea: “My favourite moment is definitely a toss up between being walked down the aisle hand in hand by both my mom and dad or catching a glimpse of my new husband busting a move on the dance floor in the middle of his long time best friends.”

Andre: “As cliché as it might sound my favourite moment was watching Andrea walk down the aisle of the church in her wedding dress. After spending so much time apart, it was a feeling of pure joy knowing we were finally together.”

Engagement Ring Cut


First Dance

‘All of Me” – John Legend

Advice from the Newlyweds

“Don’t forget to enjoy every passing moment and remember that it is the celebration of your love and unity that really matters that day.”

Looking Forward to Most Now Being Married

As newlyweds, Andrea and Andre are looking forward to making up for lost time spent apart while dating and planning new adventures to embark on together.


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