Majestic Themed Wedding

Carmen + Patrick: Majestic Themed Wedding

Posted by Blush Magazine Posted on September 29, 2012

As teenagers, working at a local pizza shop, Patrick drove Carmen crazy with his antics; so much so that at every meeting, she would suggest he were fired. Although they did not see eye to eye as coworkers, they enjoyed one another’s company enough to spend their breaks together. After moving on to new jobs, they remained friends and, for four years, Patrick would visit Carmen and bring her coffee. After finally admitting they were romantically interested in each other, they began to date and were engaged a year later—for what Carmen remembers as two very long years.

The Big Day

With an intimate guest list, Carmen and Patrick decided to create a personal ceremony that was completely about them, their love, and all of their loved ones. In the midst of candle light and the people who meant the most to them, Carmen and Patrick exchanged personal vows in front of a custom projected backdrop. It was here that Carmen knew that their wedding, in front of their family and friends, would become one of the most special days of their lives.

As guests entered the reception, they were greeted with a signature cocktail—purple to suit the event’s majestic theme—and welcomed by an artist who, together with the assistance of the couple’s guests, created an original painting for the newlyweds as a memento of their wedding day. Another piece that will hang in the couple’s home is their “family tree” that they asked their guests to leave a finger print on. Guests were also invited to read personal words on unique posters that shared the bride’s and groom’s feelings for the other—the couple also looked at the other’s words for the first time at the reception. The venue featured a children’s nook for their nieces and nephews, a refreshing fruit-infused water bar, a candy table, and a cigar bar—there was something available to suit every guest. As opposed to a traditional head table, at the center of the room, Carmen and Patrick were seated at a long table among their parents and siblings. At each place setting lay a heart-felt note to thank each of the guests; another indication of how important family is to this couple.

From now until eternity, Carmen and Patrick will share a bond so strong and an identical symbol of their wedding day; matching tattoos of their wedding date.

First Dance

Norah Jones: Come Away With Me

Advice from the Newlyweds

Hire a wedding planner! Plan your day the way YOU want it! Don’t let family pressure you into what they think you should do; keep it all about you two because it’s about your love and your marriage.


Banff, Alberta

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