Beauty and the BeardStylized Wedding Shoot Feature in Blush Magazine

Posted by Blush Magazine Posted on August 27, 2015

As spring was coming to an end and the stylized submission deadline approached us, we at Blush had a very hard decision to make. We took two shoots into final design to make the decision process easier, and believe it or not both of the male models were bearded hunks! The Beauty and the Beard shoot was definitely eye catching and was unlike anything we’ve ever published before, it also met all of our design requirements and we couldn’t be happier with the final result.

Tammy Deren with Smiley Eyes Photography was persistent and a delight to deal with. Her team worked tirelessly to put together a very elaborate set which graced the front cover. The tones of red, gold purple and green married together beautifully and gave a festive feel to our Fall Winter 2015 issue. This edition will be in the hands of engaged readers going into the Holiday Season and New Year. Flowers by Willows, a vendor of Blush, played a huge part in this design and we can bet this won’t be the last time you will see work from this passionate florist.

We hope this issue brings you tons of inspiration for your upcoming wedding and don’t forget to submit to Blush Magazine for a possible feature in our Spring Summer 2016 issue.

Outdoor Summer Wedding: Kara + KyleOutdoor Edson Wedding: Kara + Kyle

Posted by Blush Magazine Posted on August 25, 2015

Kara and Kyle met through mutual friends while playing on the same softball team, but it took Kyle over two years to hit a homerun and win Kara’s heart.

The Proposal

One year Kyle sent Kara on a scavenger hunt around their home and neighbourhood to find her Christmas present. The last clue was to find the comfiest bed in the house; Kara ran into their bedroom to find Kyle down on one knee. “My Christmas present that year was Kyle… Forever!”

The Big Day

The couple wanted to hold their wedding in a place near and dear to them: their own property in their hometown of Edson. They exchanged rings in a beautiful riverside ceremony officiated by Kara’s aunt, then danced the starry night away to a live band under a white tent. Their 230 guests were treated to cotton candy, a spectacular fireworks display, and watching the couple cruise around in their 1986 Rockwood motorhome.

Favourite Moments

Kara: Seeing Kyle’s face when she walked down the aisle and being pronounced husband and wife.

Kyle: The combination of gorgeous weather, their favourite people, and marrying the love of his life.

Engagement Ring Cut


First Dance

‘All of Me’ – John Legend

Newlywed Advice

“Stay calm and don’t worry about the small stuff. The day is over before you know it. Hiring a wedding planner can really help to make sure the day runs smoothly without putting unnecessary burden on family and friends.”

Looking Forward to Most Now Being Married

The newlyweds look forward to traveling, raising children, and growing old together. Kara particularly enjoys knowing they get to spend every lazy Sunday cuddled up on the couch watching Netflix.


Honeymoon Destination: Maldives & Amsterdam

Honeymoon Resort: Constance Moofushi

The Secret to a Glowing Bride – Inside & OutHealth & Beauty: Benefits of Lemon Water

Posted by Blush Magazine Posted on August 24, 2015

Health & Beauty Benefits of Lemon Water

It’s one of those things that we mean to do each and every day, and end up kicking ourselves for not drinking those 8 cups that we swore we would get to. Yes, I’m talking about water! Keeping hydrated is number one when you are trying to brighten your skin, increase your energy levels, and improve your overall health and well-being. This is because H20 is a mighty powerhouse that helps us feel our absolute best, since our bodies are made up of approximately 70% water.

Now, I want to let you in on a little secret. Lemon water has recently gained a lot of popularity, but do you feel that this fad will quickly fade? I’m here to tell you why adding lemon water to your morning routine is a must, and why this fad is here to stay.

Makes your liver happy

Lemons help increase and stimulate bile production, aiding in removing toxins and excess waste from your body. This means you will be gently detoxifying and cleansing your body as soon as you wake up in the A.M.

Promotes a good BM

Your elimination process, ahem, your BM’s (bowel movements), will experience regularity because the combination of warm water and lemon helps to support proper digestive functioning. Drinking plenty of pure water also helps to stimulate BM’s, decreasing the chance of constipation and other uncomfortable belly issues. It’s a win-win!

Beats the belly bloat

Since lemons alkalize your body, they help you steer clear of disease and promote an anti-inflammatory environment. Lemon juice also helps increase stomach acid production, assisting you in breaking down your food more efficiently. This means that all of those beneficial vitamins and minerals in your food will be absorbed to the max, promoting greater health.

Gives you gorgeous, glowing skin

Now that you are experiencing proper BM’s, you can say bye-bye to blemishes or skin issues that may have been caused due to a buildup of toxins in your body.

Delivers a punch of Vitamin C

Lemons are an amazing source of Vitamin C, which we know is helpful for getting our immune system in tip top shape. Vitamin C is also great for promoting collagen production in the skin, so fewer wrinkles and firmer, supple skin is on the horizon.

It is important that you have your warm lemon water first thing in the morning to assist in the detoxifying and cleansing process. Warm lemon water will also help rev up your metabolic fire for the day, allowing you to stay energized and steer clear of any belly bloat. Also make sure to opt for organic lemons, as you want to pop both the lemon peel and the juice into your cup for a maximum effect.

Winter Wedding at Emerald Lake LodgeEmerald Lake Lodge: JD & Izabella

Posted by Blush Magazine Posted on August 20, 2015

A chance encounter reinforced by the foreshadowing of a fortune cookie, ushered love into the lives of Izabella and JD.

The two met while bartending an event. Buzzing past each other behind the bar mixing drinks for guests, Izabella and JD had no clue they’d one day marry. As the evening progressed so did their conversation—the two were so captivated by their discussion they hardly noticed all the staff food was gone. The only edible food remaining was a fortune cookie with this fortune inside, “you are about to embark on a new relationship.” JD asked Izabella out at the end of the night and the rest is history.

The Proposal

The couple flew out to Vancouver under the pretence of JD needing to do work there and having to deliver a gift to a family friend. On their way out to dinner for the anniversary of the day they met (September 22) they were going to drop off the gift. The recipient of the gift said he was going to be on his yacht and meet us at the harbour. It turned out that the boat was there but the owner was not so instead they were invited for a little cruise around the harbour. After spending some time on the top deck Izabella and JD were invited into the cabin to warm up. After venturing downstairs a cellist and violinist from the Vancouver symphony orchestra started to play and JD got down on one knee to propose. Katya Nova Photography captured the moment followed by a dinner prepared by Samid Haliman (head of culinary team Canada). The evening was ended with an evening tour of the Vancouver coastline.

The Big Day

On a white winter day in February, Izabella and JD tied the knot at Emerald Lake Lodge—the first place the couple vacationed together. The intimate space with dim lighting, soft elegant glow from the chandelier, and a myriad of flower species fawning over the corner of a life size gold picture frame created a romantic atmosphere. The romantic ambiance was evident in similar décor at the reception, however the couple decided to stir things up with a silent disco instead of loud blaring music, which the newlyweds report was “both hilarious and awesome.”

Favourite Moments

Izabella: “When the snow started falling. It was like a winter wonderland.”

JD: “Seeing my new wife walk down the aisle.”

Engagement Ring Cut


First Dance

‘I Wanna Grow Old With You’ – Adam Sandler

Newlywed Advice

“Get a wedding planner, worth its weight in gold. Jordan was amazing!”

Looking Forward to Most Now Being Married

For Izabella and JD love came around full-circle and now, they are most excited about babies.



Edmonton Wedding Venue: The Enjoy CentreBlush's Venue of the Year 2015

Posted by Blush Magazine Posted on August 17, 2015

Blush's Venue of the Year 2015: The Enjoy Centre

Imagine walking through a room lined with trees, with the sun streaming down, and the scent of fresh garden blooms in the air. Imagine not worrying about the weather, because—at the first drop of rain—glass panels automatically close to save your big day.

The Enjoy Centre in St. Albert is the only venue of its kind in Canada, boasts Event Manager Laura Gadowsky. “We provide a true feeling of an outdoor wedding with none of the risk,” she says.

Their largest space, the Moonflower Room, is the crown jewel of event spaces. This 15,000 square foot room features 35 foot high glass ceilings, polished concrete floors, and moveable potted trees. The space can seat 500 guests for a ceremony and up to 600 for a reception. A mezzanine overlooks the room—every photographer’s dream for spectacular aerial shots—and can be used for smaller ceremonies, cocktail hours and even a kids’ area.

The high glass ceiling is truly the highlight; the panels are fitted with retractable shade cloth to adjust the amount of natural light. The uppermost panels open completely to allow air flow and are controlled by a weather station to automatically adjust to changing conditions.

If you’re looking for a more intimate setting, the Park Room seats up to 120 for a dinner reception. Three huge west-facing windows provide gorgeous views of the centre’s garden terraces and are equipped with shade cloth and blackout blinds. All the lights are on dimmer switches—from the funky yellow chandeliers to the backlights in the alcoves—to create the perfect ambience for your wedding. Gadowsky loves this room because it combines a fun modern aesthetic with the warmth of a traditional space.

While couples can choose from their selection of vendors, the Enjoy Centre offers the convenience of a one-stop shop: photos in and around the Centre plus the nearby Lois Hole Provincial Park just across the street, flowers from the Floral Studio at Hole’s, cake from Wild Earth Bakery, spa services from Wellness Within, and catering from the Glasshouse Bistro.

Chef Julia Kundera creates tailor-made menus with fresh, local ingredients—in late summer, with many of the vegetables come from Hole’s own garden. Couples can even rent the Glasshouse Bistro for sit down dinners up to 140 or stand-up receptions up to 250; enjoy cocktails with breathtaking views of Big Lake on the patio, dinner in the main restaurant, and dancing in the café area. The Bistro is also the perfect location for your rehearsal dinner or bridal shower.

Regardless which beautiful room you choose, the dedicated staff will do almost anything to fulfill your vision—from accommodating fire dancers to handling a horse in the parking lot. They also offer flexible set-up times and use of the Executive Boardroom for a bridal suite.

The Enjoy Centre is truly a breath of fresh air for those looking for an alternative to a cavernous banquet hall. Enjoy the light, enjoy the views, enjoy your day.