Featured Wedding: May 31, 2014Taryn & Ben's Lovely Spring Wedding

Posted by Blush Magazine Posted on December 8, 2014

Taryn and Ben met in 2006, at the University of Alberta, in the Telus building on the first day of classes. With the help of fate, they were assigned to every class together in their first semester, regardless of being in different years and concentrations. After graduating, Ben pursued a hockey career in Europe. Five years later, a random encounter brought them back together in Edmonton. With the help of destiny, their friendship created a foundation for a life together.

The Proposal

Taryn and Ben were living in Mombasa, Kenya and on March 27th, 2013 when the next chapter of their lives would begin. At dusk, Taryn arrived home only to find the front door unlocked and opened. As she stepped inside, she immediately saw a trail of tall white pillar candles and rose petals leading her up the stairs. Alongside the candles, were sheets of paper with their story, written by Ben. With each step, she was able to re-live their fairytale together from the very beginning. Once she reached the rooftop, she stepped outside only to find Ben kneeling on one knee with a ring and the last sheet of paper that simply read, “Will you marry me?”

The Big Day

The moment the couple walked into The All Saints’ Anglican Cathedral they felt humbled and knew that that was the church where they wanted to say their vows to each other and to God. Taryn and Ben knew they wanted absolutely every single detail of their wedding day to reflect their personalities so they chose to plan a celebration that was raw and true. The Yellowhead Brewery provided just that for their reception party, complimented with wood, red brick accents and concrete flooring.

The wedding portrayed Taryn and Ben perfectly, it showcased what was important to them, family. Ben’s best man was his younger sister Megan, and Taryn Lynne’s maid of honour, was her older brother Jared. They didn’t let tradition dictate where their loved ones would stand so they kept them next to them. The remaining wedding party consisted of family and loved ones who have stood beside Ben and Taryn through all of their trials and tribulations.

Favourite Moments

Taryn: “The moment I took my first step down the aisle. I was walking toward my future, the man that I love dearly and who I was lucky enough to be sharing the rest of my life with. With each step, I felt the love and support radiating from all who were there to share in our special day. Holding onto my father and watching my mother watch me walk down the aisle was a moment I will forever remember.”

Ben: “When Taryn Lynne walked into the church. I have never seen someone so beautiful and it finally hit me that I get to spend the rest of my life with her. I was holding back tears (not very successfully) and with every step she took I become more aware that I actually get to be her husband. Throughout the night, I felt so blessed to be surrounded by so many people that truly cared about us. The day was everything we wanted, filled with the people that have loved us through everything.”

Engagement Ring Cut

Double swirl halo surrounding a round centre cut diamond

First Dance

‘At Last’ – Etta James

Father-Daughter & Mother-Son Dance(s)

‘Walk with You’ – Edwin McCain (Father-Daughter Dance)

‘It’s Your Song’ – Garth Brooks (Son-Mother Dance)

Newlywed Advice

“As cliche as this may be, your wedding day is just that, your day. Remember to enjoy yourself, because the moments will go by so quick, so ensure you have a wonderful photographer! Less is always more, allow your wedding day be about the love and commitment, make that your number one priority. Brides-to-be, always have your favourite lipstick with you at all times.”

Looking Forward to Most Now Being Married

“Ben and I are so grateful to have married each other, we truly are each others best friend. We are enjoying the little things in our day to day lives, remembering to enjoy each and every moment together. Our greatest achievement in life, would be to become parents and to start a family together. Becoming a father and a mother would be what Ben and I are looking forward to most since beaming a married couple.”

Truvelle Reaches AlbertaTruvelle: Canadian Design Studio

Posted by Blush Magazine Posted on December 3, 2014

My job is so much more than a three word title to me. It’s connecting with business owners and creative indviduals around the world and it becomes especially more exciting when you are dealing with local designers. When Truvelle, a Vancouver based design studio, contacted us to share that their gowns will be carried in Alberta I was overjoyed and instantly convinced myself that it’s worth a three hour drive to Calgary.

As I kept reading into their email they mentioned that Delica Bridal, an avid supporter of Blush and local bridal boutique in Edmonton, will be carrying the gowns. I skimmed through the images about a dozen of times and had thoughts of creative shoots and the type of bride that would wear a Truvelle gown.

So what type of bride would wear a Truvelle gown on her wedding day?

1) A proud Canadian, because Truvelle is a made-in-Canada brand.

2) A bride who wants a light, airy, and soft look.

3) A bride in search of unique fabrics and finishings.

To save you from my rambling, I’ve posted images of the latest collection, you can swiftly make your way to Delica Bridal today to try on these dreamy gowns.


Featured Wedding: August 03, 2014Renee & Devon's Earthy Wedding

Posted by Blush Magazine Posted on November 26, 2014

Sparks flew the first time Renee and Devon met. Living only a couple of blocks from each other, destiny couldn’t help but have their two paths connect. Devon is known for his magnetic personality and he captured Renee’s heart through his wit and humour.

The Proposal

Devon surprised Renee to a secret weekend destination for their anniversary. His one hint: “It’s a place where we’ve been but never been before.” The answer: Seattle! During a romantic dinner at the Fairmont, Devon asked the server to take the couple’s photo. Renee remembers that a string trio was playing “Moonriver” in the background, a song from one of her favourite movies. After the first photo snapped, Renee noticed Devon shifted so she did a fun new pose for the camera too. Only after the server squealed in delight and started snapping away did Renee notice that Devon had gotten down to one knee and was asking her to marry him. Through her tears of joy and shaky hands from all of the commotion, Renee said yes. The newly engaged couple then had a stroll through the rainy streets of Seattle just living in the moment before calling home to all their friends and family to share the news.

The Big Day

Renee and Devon knew they wanted to get married outdoors to fit with their small-town souls. They needed a location that had a back-up option for bad weather. Low and behold they came across the Cochrane Ranchehouse which offered the outdoor and indoor options along with a beautiful mountain backdrop.

The couple spent a great deal of thought into designing their big day so that was memorable and fun for everyone who could attend. The theme of the wedding was earthy-romantic with coral, ivories and moss greens. As the bridesmaids ranged from 5’2 to 6’ tall, each had a unique dress to compliment the girls and added a personal touch to their individuality.

The couple’s first dance was choreographed ballroom to Boyce Avenue’s acoustic cover of Rhianna’s “We Found Love”. The dance lessons leading up to the wedding were likely more fun to Renee than Devon, but they never thought they could pull off a Foxtrot.

They also had a kids’ play area with balloons, crafts and activities to keep the little ones entertained.

Guest brought home mini-succulents which were grown in their backyard by the bride, and planted in mismatched crystal glasses and tea cups purchased at FIND, a second-hand store where proceeds go towards helping Edmonton’s homeless community.

The bridal party and family stayed at the The Crossing at Ghost River where they hosted their rehearsal dinner and day-after barbeque.

Favourite Moments

Renee: “I was really nervous about the weather, we drove through a hail storm on the way to the ceremony. When we arrived, there was a pocket of blue sky. A clap of thunder sealed the exact moment of our first kiss – it was perfect.”

Devon: “Everything about our wedding was about creating memories – there were so many great ones that it’s hard to just pick one. My favourite part of the wedding was when the doors opened and I saw Renee walk down the aisle. I also loved how our wedding allowed having close friends and family together.”

Engagement Ring Cut


First Dance

‘We Found Love’ – Rihanna (Boyce Avenue Cover)

Newlywed Advice

“Like everyone says, the day goes by so fast that you barely get to experience it with the person you’re sharing it with. We chose to do first look photos, and although this isn’t for everyone, those quiet moments we spent together before joining the rest of our friends and family were so special to us. It was like a bubble of time that was free from stress and so much excitement for what was still to come.

If you’re planning a mini-destination wedding go and experience the city for yourselves months in advance. You’ll find all sorts of authentic vendors (we found our guitarist at a local coffee house) and unique locations for rehearsal dinners.”

Looking Forward to Most Now Being Married

“Not having the stress of wedding planning. That, and looking forward to growing old together while starting new memories that will be a part of our life story.”


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Featured Wedding: July 26, 2014Sandra & Tim's Puzzle Themed Wedding

Posted by Blush Magazine Posted on November 4, 2014

Sandra and Tim met in September of 2008 in a business class at the University of Alberta. After a professor’s random selection of group members, the two were placed together on a semester-long project along with three other classmates. While working on the project the two remained friendly but slowly started to realize that there may be something more between them. Once the project was over, they both realized how much they missed seeing one another and by early January of 2009 they were dating and have not been separate since.

The Proposal

Sandra and Tim were never the couple to make a big deal out of Valentine’s Day, so she was surprised when Tim asked her to skip her Pilates class and come home because he had made dinner. She even complained to her mom who, knowing his plan, urged Sandra to be nice and go home. She walked into a picnic set-up in the middle of their living room. Her favorite snacks and wine were set on beautiful trays on a little blue blanket that they had purchased together the year prior.

Once they were done eating Tim asked Sandra to open her gift, the package was full of puzzle pieces, which Tim helped her rip open causing the pieces to fly all over the floor. After picking them up, Sandra began to put the puzzle together recognizing that it was a photo of the couple from a professional shoot they took together.

After she finished assembling the puzzle, Sandra noticed that there were two corner pieces missing so she turned around to look for them while Tim pretended to do the same (turns out he helped Sandra rip the bag on purpose making it look like the pieces may still be on the floor and that they had missed them). He handed her one piece which fit into the first gap, she looked down thinking it was the photographer’s watermark but instead read “Sandra, will you”. After reading this, she felt an incredible wave of heat anticipating what would come next. The final piece said “marry me?”

Sandra was in tears and by the time she took her hands away from her eyes Tim was on his knee saying “I could not think of another better place to ask you to marry me than in this home that we’ve built together. Will you marry me?”

The Big Day

Sandra and Tim were searching for a glamorous venue that offered privacy so they could share the entire space with just their guests. The Oasis Centre further added to their wish list by offering the beautiful outdoor garden for photos and cocktail hour for their guests, private bride & groom’s rooms and a perfect backdrop that could be transformed for both ceremony and reception.

In an effort to personalize their wedding Sandra and Tim paid great attention to the details. The puzzle theme from the proposal was maintained through the stationery, cake topper, signage, guest book, wedding favors, and even the mens socks!

Since the couple met at the University of Alberta, they even managed to book the exact classroom they met in for some photos in the seats they occupied six years ago. Sandra’s Bosnian culture is also very important to her, so they incorporated traditional music and line dances for their family and friends to participate in. She also incorporated speciality Serbian shots, Serbian candy, and spoke in both languages during her speeches.

Their cinematographers were able to provide a same day edit that showcased everything up until the reception. After the wedding many guests shared that the video teaser was the highlight for them. After hours of dancing, Fat Franks were served as a late lunch in the beautiful Oasis Centre gardens! 

Favourite Moments

Sandra: “It was so hard to pick one moment – the way that the entire day felt deep down was surreal and amazing. The loving speeches of our families and the amazing dance party definitely stand out. If, however, I had to pick just one it would be those first couple of minutes during the ceremony when Tim and I were holding hands and it seemed like there was nobody else in the room except for us. The way he looked at me, just so happy and emotional is something I will ever forget.”

Tim: “Very difficult to choose one; seeing Sandra for the first time was the most memorable moment for me. I also remember sitting at our head table, looking around and everyone was smiling and I just thought “wow you’re at your wedding” – the coolest feeling.”

Engagement Ring Cut


First Dance

‘When I Say I Do’ – Matthew West

Newlywed Advice

“Ensure to follow your heart with what is important to you. If you want a small intimate wedding then have one and if you want to dance all night long then do so until your feet hurt and then some more. This is your day and nobody will remember it more than you. Also, be very careful with where you save. Investments in great photographer, videographer, florist, DJ and beauty team are absolutely worth it and remember that details matter and are noticed.”

Looking Forward to Most Now Being Married

“Continuing to explore the world, work on accomplishing our shared goals and starting our own family.”


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Featured Wedding: August 10, 2014Haley & Alex's Intimate Canmore Wedding

Posted by Blush Magazine Posted on October 30, 2014

Haley and Alex briefly met in high school but it wasn’t until nearly seven years later that they crossed paths again. Their first date was arranged through family and friends, they met at a comedy club on Whyte Ave for laughs and drinks. From that night on the two were inseparable.

The Proposal

About two weeks before Christmas, Alex and Haley were getting ready to go to a party. After getting dressed, Alex asked Haley if she wanted an early Christmas present. He went upstairs and came back down telling her to close her eyes. When she opened them, she found Alex down on one knee asking her to marry him. Their son was a witness to the proposal, he was filled with so much excitement that he started running around laughing and cheering. Haley called her mom who invited them over for a celebratory cocktail. When they walked into Haley’s mom’s house she was shocked to see their friends and family were there! Alex had secretly planned a surprise engagement party! Champagne was poured, food was catered, the house was decorated. Haley was completely blown away at the lengths he had gone through to have made their proposal night a memorable one.

The Big Day

The couple planned a really small and intimate wedding in the beautiful rocky mountains. They wanted to keep things personal and relaxed and everything easily fell into place with the help of friends and family. They had an evening ceremony at a gazebo overlooking the mountains which allowed for stunning views and amazing light. After the ceremony their guests were treated to champagne and butler style h’ordeuvres on a patio with a fire pit that was overlooking the golf course and mountain range, while the bridal party went for photos. They had asked Alex’s best man to be their MC last minute to help the evening feel relaxed and spontaneous. After an amazing plated meal and speeches it was time to move to their next venue. Since their wedding was so intimate, Haley and Alex thought it would be fun to rent out a penthouse suite and have their reception up there. “It was perfect! The suite was filled with people, Haley’s brother’s band played guitars and tambourines, and there may have been an epic game of flip cup!”

Favourite Moments

Haley: “The moment when everything became real. Alex took my hand and led me in front of the gazebo. I took a breath, looked him in the eyes and knew that this was it. The heartfelt and lovely words that were spoken to us in the speeches were also a favourite.”

Alex: “Getting ready for the day with my son, the moment I saw Haley walk down the aisle, she was glowing! and just having the weekend to spend with everyone.”

Engagement Ring Cut

Vintage Style Round Briliant

Newlywed Advice

“Do whatever it is that you want to do, not what you think a traditional wedding looks like. Enjoy the planning process as half the fun is looking forward to your day. And most importantly, always keep in mind what the reason is for the day- celebrating love!”

Looking Forward to Most Now Being Married

“Growing our family together and growing old with one another.”