Which Ceremony Design Do You Love Most?7 Ceremony Designs From Blush's Featured Weddings

Posted by Blush Magazine Posted on November 26, 2015

The wedding ceremony is truly a reflection of two souls coming together and uniting as one. We’ve chosen some of Blush’s favourite ceremony designs that reflected unique aspects of the couple’s personalities.

The Modern Ceremony

Modern Wedding Ceremony

Photography: Shandro Photo | Design: Atmosphere Weddings

This design showcased a modern and chic style. The arctic theme of the Renaissance Edmonton Airport Hotel was enhanced with the choice of silver chiavari chairs. Greenery on modern tall vases with vines on each side of them symbolically reached towards the center where the couple united and recited their vows.

The Vineyard Inspired Ceremony

Vineyard Ceremony

Photography: Jill Coursen Photography | Design: High Culture Weddings

The wine barrels, candles, floral colour tones, custom wood boxes, and the stone wall all played a part in achieving a romantic vineyard for this couple who’s inspiration came from Napa Valley.

The Candle-lit Ceremony

Photography: Shannon Yau Photography | Design: Hera Weddings & Events

This couple was able to bring to their wedding a medieval and sensual atmosphere. The dark wood and the hanging candle-lit chandeliers, along with the candle outlined aisle set the ambiance for an intimate wedding ceremony.

The Outdoor Cultural Ceremony

Persian Rugs

Photography: Wilhelmina Weddings | Design: Birds & Honey Events

The amazing thing about nature is that it is beautiful in it’s own simple way. This couple let nature be the decoration, Persian rugs were added to pay a nod to the groom’s culture.

The Lake Ceremony

Outdoor Summer Wedding: Kara + Kyle

Photography: Jessica Fern Facette

A still lake, freshly cut logs, and a pop of colour with yellow sunflowers makes this the perfect backdrop for a “girl and boy next door” feel.

The Regal Ceremony

Jenny & Hon's Oasis Wedding

Photography: Sharon Litchfield Photography | Design: Jennifer Bergman Weddings

This type of design exudes glamour and romance. The drapes and floral were all different shades of white made which made for a regal and grand feel, tall vases and floral were setup at the top of the stairs for where the prince and princess would unite and recite their vows.

The Beach Ceremony

Beach Wedding Ceremony

Photography: Sara Richardson Photography | Design: Amy Abbotts Design

The blue skies, the blue water, the beach as the backdrop, and the benches for chairs made this wedding chic yet casual all at the same time. This couple was able to show their passion for water in this beautiful beach ceremony.

Rustic Bow Valley WeddingRustic Bow Valley Wedding: Amanda & Irfan

Posted by Blush Magazine Posted on November 17, 2015

Academic climates seem to draw Amanda and Irfan together. While technically meeting in pre-school at the age of four, Amanda and Irfan reconnected in a business communications course their second year of University. They spent time together on group projects, became friends and soon thereafter fell in love.

The Proposal

Irfan expressed his love to Amanda by whisking her away on a surprise trip to beautiful Tofino, BC, where he planned a candlelit dinner proposal at The Pointe restaurant. Overjoyed by his romantic gesture, Amanda whole-heartedly said—yes.

The Big Day

When it came to wedding plans, everything neatly fell into place. “Deciding on the wedding theme wasn’t really a decision,” says Amanda, “when we found our venue, it blew both of us away, and we knew we had to get married there. The venue certainly guided the rustic part of the theme.” Bias towards whimsically romantic flowers, Amanda chose to accent the rustic deep red and rich green colour scheme with elegant hints of pink, purple and ivory.

Favourite Moments

Soaking in every minute of that perfect day, the newlyweds’ most magical moments were being sun kissed on a cloudy day during the vows and sharing the last dance to an acoustic version of Latch by Sam Smith with loved ones around.

Engagement Ring Cut


First Dance

‘Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing’ – Aerosmith

Newlywed Advice

“Remember to be inspired by who you two are a couple and don’t get too caught up in excessive details and trends – stay true to what details reflect the two of you.”

Looking Forward to Most Now Being Married

Amanda and Irfan most look forward to creating memories through the everyday adventures that life brings.


Mexico and Europe

Elegant Wine Themed WeddingElegant Wine Theme: Ashleigh + Jon

Posted by Blush Magazine Posted on November 10, 2015

Timing is everything which is especially true to Ashleigh and Jonathan as they only knew of each other in high school, shared the same circle of friends, yet connected four years after graduation which was when their love story began.

The Proposal

Florence, Italy, an incredibly romantic location, is where Jonathan planned an intimate and private proposal. From horseback riding through vineyards, to shopping and dinner, followed by music and candles under a gazebo, Jonathan asked Ashleigh to dance. Half way through the song he got down on one knee and asked Ashleigh to be his wife!

The Big Day

An elegant wine theme was chosen given their love for Italy and wine. To complement the theme the venue had wooden beams on the ceiling illustrating a romantic feel with cork decor and rustic barrels. The couple wanted their guests to enjoy wine tasting during cocktail hour and for dessert was a beautiful display of macarons. The Blatchford Air Hangar at Fort Edmonton Park was the perfect venue to fit all of their guests not to mention the sizeable dance floor that was filled the whole night!

Favourite Moments

Ashleigh’s favourite moment was after walking down the aisle as man and wife, she got to share a private moment and hug her husband.

Jonathan’s favourite moment was seeing Ashleigh walk through the doors. He was mesmerized by how beautiful she looked and couldn’t stop smiling.

Engagement Ring Cut


First Dance

‘Who I am With You’ – Chris Young

Newlywed Advice

“Our advice for newlyweds planning their wedding is to enjoy this journey. Sometimes it does get stressful but try to remember that at the end of the day it’s about the two of you and the only thing that matters is that you’re happy.”

Looking Forward to Most Now Being Married

Their honeymoon and travelling together.


Belize or Costa Rica

People Are Not DisposableKeeping Old Friends Serves Us More Than We Know

Posted by Blush Magazine Posted on November 9, 2015

People Are Not Disposable

We live in a world where people—even those we once loved—are treated as if they were disposable. Without even talking about the issue, we move away from friends and family who disappoint us, and without so much as a goodbye, they are out of our lives.

I’m not saying that this an inappropriate response if someone has been abusing you. But being offended is different from being abused—and keep in mind that if your loved one did say something that ruffled your feathers, chances are he or she would be willing to apologize. If you just disappear without saying what went wrong, that person won’t have the chance to make up for the pain you felt and may still feel.

These days, instead of making the effort to work things out, people just stop returning texts and phone calls. This may be easier than telling someone the truth about how you feel and why, but it will not give you the peace of mind and assurance you are looking for.

When someone does something inappropriate, it can trigger many unpleasant feelings and memories, many of which may have nothing to do with that person. It’s as if all those negative vibes were in one mental filing cabinet that you push on top of anyone who hurts you. It’s called projection.

Rather than push away someone whom you’ve known for a long time or someone you love, letting him or her know that you’ve reached your limit can help that person change for the better, and it can save your relationship. You would be surprised by how many people can’t say they have old friends, because they have engaged in this disconnection pattern most of their lives, and it isn’t emotionally healthy.

Relationships and friendships take effort, and no one is perfect. Although it may be difficult for you to discuss your feelings with someone who has hurt you, and you may be scared to open the discussion, it is the only way to resolve your issues. A few well-chosen words and taking the time to listen to one another could easily save your friendship or your marriage.

People are not disposable. If you have ever had the experience of cutting someone out of your life, only to feel a great loss later on, you know what I mean. Family is everything, and for those who don’t have one, friends become that family. Having people in your life makes you feel stronger and validated. If you push them away, you will feel a loss as soon as your anger goes. It is much easier to hold on to positive feelings about the people in your life than to harbor negative ones. Walking around with anger and hurt in your heart does not make your life a better place to be.

So try some conversation before you say goodbye or stop texting. When you are upset, you may not realize the importance of old friends and loved ones, but in time, you always do.

Young Love Stylized Wedding ShootStylized Wedding Shoot

Posted by Blush Magazine Posted on October 29, 2015

What was old is new again; vintage romance gets a modern update for these young lovers. Sweet meets sexy with this Blush by Hayley Paige sheer lace crop top paired with a full tulle skirt from Delica Bridal, while he looks dapper in a crisp navy tuxedo from Moores.

Brz Photography captured the last light of an autumn day in Alberta to swathe the couple in a soft glow, which is reflected in the shimmering dusty rose drapery from Dazzle by Dawn. Lush greenery offsets accents of blush and marsala in the stunning floral pieces created by Flowers by Willows.

Finally, a milk and cookie bar designed by Confetti Sweets adds a whimsical touch that will delight the young at heart.