Monique Lhuillier Bridal Fall 2015Fall 2015 Bridal Collection

Posted by Blush Magazine Posted on October 10, 2014

The Fall 2015 Bridal collection draws inspiration from the surreal beauty and fantasy of a jewelry box. The gowns were dreamed up as if from a treasure trove of one’s keepsakes and ornate jewelry, where a perfectly poised ballerina balances en pointe pirouetting in delight.

Gowns are effortless yet dreamy, ultra-feminine yet subtly glamorous. From soft sheaths with exaggerated trains, embroidered trumpet silhouettes to grandiose embellished gowns, each piece is a cherished jewel.

Pastel shades of mint, lavender, primrose, and blush create a playful twist on tradition. Delicate tonal beading trickles off gowns, while collaged with Chantilly and re-embroidered laces, layers of sheer colored tulle prove that design details are distinctive and exquisite. The ready to wed collection takes its cue from the sweetly feminine ballerina with a two-piece crop-top, tea-length skirt and antique gold strapless mini.

Hire A Food Truck For Your Special EventWedding Trend: Food Trucks

Posted by Blush Magazine Posted on October 2, 2014

Food trucks gained popularity in larger cities over the past several years, now the craze has made its way to Edmonton and Calgary. The latest trend has been to serve up the couples favourite dishes at the rehearsal dinner, after the religious or civil ceremony, late-lunches, and even at the post wedding day lunch.  With over 75 food trucks in Alberta we are certain you will find something that suits your crowd best. Some trucks that we were surprised to find serve bubble tea, affogatos, ice cream sandwiches, shawarma, wood oven pizza, smoothies, philly cheesesteaks, poutine and more!

Here are a few things you need to consider before booking a food truck:

Weather: Being based in Alberta we are always cautious of booking outdoor events, the best time to book a food truck would be during the Spring, Summer, or Fall. For a winter wedding consider hiring a truck that serves hot chocolate. If bad weather is in the forecast there are several rental companies that can provide appropriate tents.

Number of Trucks: One food truck can safely serve about 75 guests without causing a long wait time, if you plan on feeding more than 100 guests you should consider hiring a second truck.

Permits & Parking: You will need permission from the venue before hiring food trucks out for your event. Venues that do not rely on catering may be easier, some venues may allow it only for the late-lunch if the reception dinner is served by them. Most food trucks only require permission to park and serve the food in the parking lot owned by the venue. If you plan to park the truck on city streets you will have to contact the city for approval. Be sure to discuss these options with your wedding coordinator.

Why Food Trucks?

Quality: Since food trucks only tend to focus on one or two items they have been known to serve some of the best food in the country.

Atmosphere: Having guests stand in line and mingle outside will give your wedding a more laid back feeling, which lately couples are aiming for. Dressing up for a formal occasion is always fun but enjoying a meal with the informality of a food truck adds a cool vibe to any event.

Personalize: Are you bubble tea fanatics? Is your favourite dish poutine? With food trucks you can hire based on the cuisine you are both crazy about. Our number one piece of advice has always been to make your wedding your own, and this is a great way to do so.

If you are looking for a food truck in Edmonton you can find a complete list at What The Truck.

If you are looking for a food truck in Calgary the complete list can be found at YYC Food Trucks.

You may also find a list of catering vendors through our website here Blush Catering Vendors.

Featured Wedding: April 26, 2014Shyloe & Eric's Old Timer Wedding

Posted by Blush Magazine Posted on September 16, 2014

For Shyloe and Eric it all came around full circle. The spot of their first date, pizza and beer at a table under the stairs at Sherlock Holmes, was also the starting line of their journey to becoming Mr. and Mrs.

Shyloe and Eric met during Manulife Night one Tuesday in 2011 —she was modeling, he was working in the building. Eric was ready to head home when he spotted Shyloe and asked if she would like to grab a bite to eat after the event. She agreed and the two walked over to Sherlock Holmes.

The Proposal

April 16, 2013, was a déjà vu moment. Shyloe modeled again for Manulife night, Eric waited to greet her, and afterwards the two walked hand in hand to Sherlock Holmes—but this time, Eric got down on one knee and asked Shyloe to be his wife. “We had not been back to Sherlock Holmes since we met,” said Shyloe, which made the moment infinitely more special.

The Big Day

About one year later, the couple tied the knot surrounded by family and friends at the Old Timers Cabin in Edmonton, Alberta. Their wedding included a tender moment walking down the aisle, a private reveal before the ceremony, funny speeches, lively dancing and was complete with McDonalds Filet-o-Fish available as a midnight snack.

Favourite Moments

Shyloe:This is cliché, but my favorite moment was definitely when my dad walked me down the aisle to Eric. My dad was such a softy, his crying made me cry. When he gave me away he said to Eric “take care of my little girl” which obviously made us all cry. Eric and I just stared at each other, crying and giggling the whole ceremony. It was incredible.”

Eric:I really didn’t think I would like the whole photo process, or the staged “reveal” part, Shyloe looked incredible, but that ended up being one of my favorite parts. Having the opportunity to spend a couple hours laughing and joking with the bridal party was amazing. The speeches and slide show were also a highlight, as was dancing to shout… As it is with EVERY wedding.”

Engagement Ring Cut


First Dance

Acoustic of  ‘Home’ performed by Eric’s lifelong friend

Father-Daughter Dance

Father-Daughter and Mother-Son Dance: ‘My Wish’- Rascal Flatts

Newlywed Advice

“We have two pieces of advice:

1. Make a list of your priorities and don’t change them. Respect each other’s “non-negotiables” and make them clear early on. 

2. Stay true to who you are. I didn’t realize how much this mattered during the entire planning process, but it was one of the most common things we have heard after the wedding. Everyone kept telling us that the wedding was so “us”, and it was. From the venue to the program to the midnight snack, it all had some significance in our life together.”

Looking Forward to Most Now Being Married

As newlyweds, Shyloe and Eric look forward to calling each other husband and wife and laughing a lot.


Morocco, Spain, France, & Italy

Featured Wedding: January 24, 2014Amy & Dan's Great Gatsby Wedding

Posted by Blush Magazine Posted on September 11, 2014

Amy and Daniel met on eHarmony in February 2012. The first date turned into a second, third, fourth and fifth in the same week! From that point, they both knew that was it.

The Proposal

Roughly a year later, May 2013, Dan proposed to Amy at their favourite resort where they first travelled together—Dreams in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Amy was overjoyed and expressed the private moment between the two of them was absolutely perfect.

The Big Day

Wanting to tie the knot where Daniel popped the question, the couple reserved a date in May 2014 and began planning their wedding at Dreams Resort. Unfortunately, six months before the wedding, Amy and Daniel were informed the resort had been bought and all weddings after April 2014 are cancelled. “We were heartbroken,” says Amy, “but decided to move up the date because all that really mattered was getting married!”

The couple’s Great Gatsby theme wedding at Yellowhead Brewery went off without a hitch. The unique venue added character to the celebration and also fostered a cozy atmosphere for the intimate gathering.

Favourite Moments

Amy:The first was our first look. Spending that hour alone with Dan before the ceremony was absolutely perfect and I’m so glad that Blake talked us into doing it. The second was our first dance together. We were surrounded by people who love and support us and love was just radiating throughout the room. We are so lucky to have such amazing families and friends.

Dan: “My favourite moments were seeing Amy for the first time, spending time outside in the warmth for photos, and eating dinner – it was pretty delicious!”

Engagement Ring Cut


First Dance

“At Last” – Etta James

Newlywed Advice

Enjoy it. The planning process is an experience almost as important as the wedding day and you only get to do it once. Enjoy the decision making and the time you get to spend with loved ones.”

Looking Forward to Most Now Being Married

As newlyweds, Amy and Daniel most look forward to finding joy in the simple things, such as date nights, and traveling as husband and wife.


Cancun, Mexico | Honeymoon Resort: Sun Palace

The Oasis Centre’s Multi-Tiered Experience is the Height of EleganceBlush's Venue of the Year 2014

Posted by Blush Magazine Posted on September 9, 2014

Looking to take centre stage on your wedding day? You can, and you can invite up to 450 guests to watch the magic happen. Outfitted with fine, subtle finishings, The Oasis Centre has become the destination for couples in the know. The superior structure, with both exterior and interior benefits, is Blush’s Venue of the Year for those of you looking to celebrate with grace.

Beginning with the Grand Hall, the indoor view boasts 24ft. ceilings adorned with German-made stunning rose quartz chandeliers imported especially for the venue. “We have discovered a way to project light on them from the balcony that has them taking on whatever color we choose- whether it be teal, pink or lavender, and we now offer that as a décor option to clients. It’s amazing how it helps pull the color scheme of the room together,” explains Anne McLennan, Wedding Director for the Oasis Centre. The Amphitheatre-shaped Hall allows for theatre-style seating for those of you who’d like to perform your vows onsite, that later transforms seamlessly into a banquet-space. “That is one of the things we have become known for– one stop shopping with your ceremony and reception at the same location. We intentionally only host one wedding per day, which allows for more privacy, relaxed atmosphere and ability to customize things, such as timeline and event flow for the day.”

An additional plus to the exclusive venue is their existing audio-visual network that includes “ceiling mounted video projectors with two 12’ x 9’ remote control retractable screens, and a full range of equipment and services. We include the audio-visual engineer in our wedding package, the rehearsal, ceremony, and reception, along with microphones, in-house speakers, background music and specialty lighting. These elements all work together in contributing to the magical ambiance that is a hallmark for our events. Our latest sought after service is the ability to provide HD cameras for recording and live webcasting to anywhere in the world, for family and friends that can’t attend in person.” For those that are attending in person, accommodating guests depends on the layout that the couple most prefers, says McLennan. “Our average wedding size is about 200, and we are able to make the room work for as few as 90, and for as many as 350 plus depending on the room design and type of catering. We did have a wedding here in the winter for over 450 with smaller lounge tables and gourmet passed appetizers; that was really an innovative refreshing set-up.”

One of the details that further sets this venue apart? The Oasis Centre is partnered with Aerial Fireworks to really make your big day outstanding. “We discovered quite by chance that our unique garden setting was zoned for fireworks when a gentleman came to us wanting to do something unique and spectacular while proposing to his bride-to-be.” Talk about tying the knot with a bang!

The Oasis Centre Edmonton
The Oasis Centre Edmonton The Oasis Centre Edmonton
The Oasis Centre Edmonton The Oasis Centre Edmonton
The Oasis Centre Edmonton The Oasis Centre Edmonton
The Oasis Centre Edmonton: Blush's Venue of the Year 2014