The Do’s and Don’ts of Microblading Before your Wedding Day

Posted by Blush Magazine Posted on March 5, 2018

Women pluck, wax, tint, thread and pencil their way to brows that are full but not furry, manicured yet natural. However, over-maintenance can cause permanent damage and thin, sparse brows that never recover. No matter how non-existent your brows may be, microblading can give you the set you’ve always dreamed of.

Microblading is a cosmetic procedure where artists manually tattoo individual “hairs” that look softer and far more natural than the solid brow tattoos of the past. Plus, the technique works with your existing brows to create a fuss-free, polished look without daily brow makeup. “Because who wants to fill in their brows everyday anyway?” says Natalia Wong, certified cosmetic tattoo artist and micropigmentation specialist at Studio N in Edmonton.

To achieve wedding-day-ready brows, Natalia recommends getting the first treatment done four months and the second touch-up session two months ahead. Clients should stop doing and using anything that may thin or weaken the skin 2-3 weeks before the appointment (exfoliation, anti-acne products, tanning, etc.). If possible, stop taking any blood-thinning medications and avoid alcohol a few days before to reduce bleeding and help the pigment hold better. On the day of the appointment, avoid caffeine and feel free to bring photos of brows you like. “Of course, please understand that the photos are for inspiration only, as everybody’s facial features are different and brows cannot be exactly duplicated,” says Natalia.

After treatment, brows will look very dark for a few days and then peel for a week, at which point they’ll look lighter and even grayish. Clients should clean and apply an aftercare cream to their brows at least twice daily and avoid touching the area, excessive moisture, exercise and sun exposure for two weeks. The true colour will start to show within three weeks, and after six weeks the skin will be completely healed.

Natalia says to still use brow makeup on the wedding day as flash photography can make microbladed brows look lighter. The biggest perk to microblading is that your makeup artist will have the perfect brow shape to work with.

Another option is shading, which gives brows a powder-filled effect to create more fullness and depth for a dramatic look. Shading can also help blend the microblading with the natural hair. “Always talk to your artist about what your final brow goals are,” says Natalia. “For my clients, I try to design brows that best suit their face and personality.”

To receive $50 off your microblading service at Studio N, use the code BLUSH when booking your appointment.


7 Skin Care Tips from Dr. OlesenBeauty: Hemingway Medical Spa

Posted by Blush Magazine Posted on December 12, 2017

When you’re planning a wedding, there’s a lot to think about so it’s easy to forget about your skin. Some skin issues can be covered with makeup but if there is something you’d like fixed or prevented we recommend you seek the expertise of a professional.  Dr. Olesen of Hemingway Medical Spa answers our top 7 skin care and treatment questions.

How early should a bride start on skin treatments before her wedding?

Ideally, 6-9 months. The skin life cycle is about 6 weeks, and these treatments take time. Various treatments require a series of sessions to achieve desired results. For instance, it can take 9 – 12 months to eradicate acne; but typically only 3-6 months for skin resurfacing and brightening. There are last minute options to help promote a healthy glow, but they are less long-term in effect, such as the red-carpet stimulator peel which can be done the week before the wedding.

What kind of treatment fixes color/pigment issues?

Intense pulse light therapy (IPL) with the Cynosure Palomar Icon laser lightens skin pigment (age spots, sun damage, freckles), lessens redness and stimulates collagen with noticeable results after one treatment, and usually ideal results after 3 treatments (each 4 weeks apart). This is the best treatment for improving an overall healthy skin tone and glow.

What kind of treatment fixes acne issues?

Acne should be treated medically, which is offered at Hemingway Medical Spa; however, there are services which can accelerate the resolution of break-outs and inflammatory acne. The Jessner treatment is like a chemical peel, but is superficial and targeted at acne.

What do you suggest for brides who want a sun kissed glow?

My personal favourite is the Mystic spray tan from Fabutan; it’s my go-to before heading on a tropical vacation.

How often should a bride and groom get facials?

Depending on the needs, it is recommended to use a quality and personalized daily skin care regimen. However, the microneedling service that we offer is comparable, if not higher yield, than your typical facial. We recommend microneedling 6 weeks before the wedding, and then again 1-2 weeks before, for optimal skin health before the big day.

How much should a bride budget for her skin the year leading up to her wedding?

It really depends on each individual’s skin health needs. Given we have a variety of services, we can customize a treatment plan with your budget in consideration. It could range from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars for the year.

What is a good maintenance routine after the wedding?

A customized and effective daily skin care routine with products and services that are specific to each individual.


5 Reasons to Ditch the Razor Before Your Big DayBeauty: Buff Wax Spot

Posted by Blush Magazine Posted on August 18, 2017

It’s easy to cave and shave when you’re swamped with wedding details. Programs, favours, flowers and rehearsals can have you running around to the very last minute, pushing hair removal to the very bottom of your to-do list. Whether you’re a seasoned sailor or a nervous novice, Sina Zere, waxing expert and owner of Buff Wax Spot shares five reasons with us to ditch the razor and book a wax before your big day.

Avoid Bumpy, Red Underarms

Most wedding dresses are either strapless or sleeveless, meaning your underarms will be on display all day. Razor blades can cause irritation and infection (folliculitis) if pieces of cut hair fall back into pore. Shaving makes you more prone to ingrowns and of course the dreaded never-stop-bleeding knicks that can occur. Bumpy, red or even inflamed underarms is not a good look on your wedding day. You’ll be lifting your arms a lot to hug your hubbie, your friends and family. Not to mention waving your arms around like you just don’t care on the dancefloor!

Stubble Be Gone

There is nothing worse than shaving the day before a big event and waking up to pesky prickles. Save yourself the time and last minute stress of battling with your razor the morning of your wedding day. At Buff Wax Spot, we recommend booking your wax appointment 3-5 days before your nuptials. One more thing off your mind!

Honeymoon Ready

Intimate wax services are the most requested wax service worldwide. Make sure your bikini line is on point for your first night together as a married couple and for your romantic honeymoon vacay by booking a brazilian or bikini wax. While you’re at it, we recommend the Buff Wax Vajacial service – a refreshing, professional treatment for your lady garden. It leaves your skin feeling velvety smooth, fresh, and free of ingrown hairs.

Pictures Are Forever

The truth is, we all have sneaky hair growth in sometimes surprising areas. Maybe you have a little extra fluff on your toes and you’ll be wearing open-toe shoes. Perhaps you’re upper-lip needs some extra TLC. Or maybe you’re insecure about your darker arm hair. Whatever it is, a wax technician can make it disappear in a flash. You don’t want to get your wedding photos back only to find you had a five o’clock shadow the whole day.

Insta-Worthy Skin

Waxing exfoliates the skin by removing dead skin, leaving a beautiful, healthy glow. Exfoliating and moisturizing are absolutely essential for Insta-worthy skin, sans filter!

Buh-bye razor, we’ll never shave together!


Diverse Beauty LooksBridal Hair and Makeup

Posted by Blush Magazine Posted on July 15, 2016

It’s one of the most universal traditions in the world. But, it’s celebrated differently by everyone. Different cultures have different customs, many of which extend to bridal style. We’ve created three bridal looks on women of different ethnicities.

North America

Soft pinks on lips, cheeks and eyes with just a touch of highlighter complement fair skin. A loosely defined fishtail braid adds dimension to sun-kissed strands.

Diverse Beauty Lookstoupee for men

East Asia

Peachy shades add warmth to olive skin tones, while a smoky effect created with colour emphasizes small eyes without overpowering them.


Diverse Beauty Looks


Full, dark lashes contrast with shimmering silver shadow to make the eyes this exotic beauty’s main accessory. Opt for a dramatic up-do over a tiara for a regal look.

Diverse Beauty Looks

Diverse Beauty Looks


Bridal Beauty LooksWhich Beautiful Bride Are You?

Posted by Blush Magazine Posted on January 14, 2016

For what’s possibly going to be the most photographed day of your life, we understand that you would want to look and feel beautiful. This exclusive beauty shoot for Blush Magazine aims to provide you ladies with inspiration for your next special occasion. Pick your look and don’t wait too long to book your trial.

Bridal Beauty Looks

Bridal Beauty Looks

Trendsetter: Break the hairspray-heavy mold with a fun and fancy pony. Pulled-back hair works with shimmering peach tones to create a radiant glow that will carry you down the aisle to the dancefloor. Key Products: Nars Contour Palette, Shimma Shimma Eyeshadow, Brows by Anastasia, Hairbro toupee MAC Peachykeen.

African American Wigs

Boho Chic: Every flower child needs a crown of blooms to accent perfectly undone waves. Minimal makeup on the eyes keeps the focus on soft, petal-pink lips ready for that first kiss. Key Products: YSL Babydoll Lipstick, Dame Blush, MAC Cream Concealer.

Bridal Beauty Looks

Bridal Beauty Looks

Traditional: Emphasize the look of love in your eyes with smoky shadow and full mink lashes. A sweet yet sophisticated half-up style frames this timeless beauty. Key Products: MAC Faux Lipstick, Lise Watier Concealer Palette, hair wigs, Magin Blush.